Due to Homecoming events on Friday, September 23rd, the KMS buses will run at different times. Students riding the buses from KMS to Ellsworth will be picked up at 2:45 pm and be dropped off at EES at 3:00 pm. The fourth grade bus will take students going to Geneseo. This bus will leave EES at 3:04 pm, pick up students at EJSH at 3:09 pm and arrive in Geneseo at 3:30 pm. The fifth grade bus will take EES students going to Kanopolis. This bus will leave EES at 3:04 pm, drop students off at the Learning Center at 3:08 pm and arrive at KMS at 3:25 pm. The sixth grade bus will leave EES at 3:09 pm, pick up EJSH students going to Kanopolis and should arrive at KMS at 3:26 pm. These times are approximate.