Ellsworth County Health Department will be offering a Catch-Up Vaccination Clinic at USD 327 on September 28th. They will be here with school required vaccinations which are the TDAP (Tetanus booster) and Meningitis,  but  will also have the HPV and Men B available, as well. This is a fast and easy way to get your child caught up with vaccinations!  Consent forms are due back to the school office by Friday, September 23rd.  **If your student's records show they are due for any immunizations, or if we don't have an updated record on file,  letters will be sent out on Wednesday 9/6 with consent forms for your convenience**  The consent forms will also be available on the District Website under >Documents >Health Office Documents>22-23 Immunization Clinic tomorrow.   Please have them filled out completely and signed.  If you have questions about  your child  needing any vaccinations, please call the school office or the Ellsworth County Health Department @ 785-472-4488.