snow day

At Monday’s regular Board of Education Meeting, the Board considered an early dismissal to the school year.  State Regulations require K-11 students to be in attendance for 1,116 hours.  Despite the delayed start of this school year and a couple of snow days, USD327 students will attend for 1,134 hours. 

In addition, ten hours were granted by the State Department of Education for full student attendance credit on three of the District’s in-service days.  This brings the total attendance for students to 1,144 hours, 28 hours above the statutory requirements.    

The additional 28 hours provided an opportunity for the Board to possibly shorten the school year as a reward for everyone’s patience with the District and everyone’s extra efforts and care for each other during this tumultuous year.  There is little doubt that parents, students, staff and teachers worked harder than ever before and in atypical situations that we hope we never have to work through again.         

After careful consideration, the Board voted to “call a snow day” for the last student day of school on Thursday, May 27th.  Therefore the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL will now be on Wednesday, May 26th.  The day will be similar to other “last days” but only a day earlier.  Teachers and Admin are making adjustments to their schedules, activities, and final tests to close the year out one day sooner. 

The Board of Education truly appreciates everyone’s efforts to complete this “crazy-Covid” year!  Thanks to all who contributed to make this year a success.  Now enjoy one more day of summer break and Be GREAT!