PAC Lighting

We are entering the homestretch.  Parent/Teacher Conferences and Spring Break are behind us and the end of school is approaching fast.  There will be lots of activities and events that will be taking place on a weekly basis so the weeks will fly by. 

Here are a few items that 327 wants you to be aware of.

·       The Performing Arts Center has new house lights.  See the pic above.   

-       Our in-service for teachers yesterday, allowed them time to explore new learning techniques with technology and instructional methods.

·       The district is considering a common late-start or early-out day “in-service” each month for all of our schools for next year.  This would be similar in thought to EJSH’s Wednesday Late Start and the Bearcub Groups and Bulldog Huddle programs. 

·       At our March Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a resolution to re-finance our $4.6 million bond from 2015.  The re-finance will knock five years of payments off and save the District and our patrons $431,469. 

·       Mask mandates are being lifted in many areas.  The Board of Education has not visited this issue for our District.  Our schools will continue to follow the sanitizing, masking, social distancing, and quarantining rules that have been in place since the beginning of the year at this time.  We will continue to research the data, review information from the CDC, KDHE and County Health to make decisions as we transition out of Covid over the coming weeks and months.

·       Our 7-12 building is one to one Chromebooks as of last week Friday.    

·       2021 Graduation continues as scheduled at this time.  Final plans and processes will be completed in the coming weeks and information will be shared in early to mid-April.

·       We need CUSTODIANS and BUS DRIVERS – please apply at the District Office.

  We have much to celebrate making it through ¾ of the school year!  Thanks for all of your efforts to make this year a success.  It took our communities, patrons and employees working together to achieve this.  Moving on to next year, we will need to continue working as a team.  If we do, we will reap huge rewards for our students.