KMS Hands Only CPR / Basic First Aid

On Feb 24th and March 3rd, Mrs. Kempke and I gave Hands Only CPR / Basic First Aid classes to our 5th and 6th grade classes.  They were taught things like Hands Only CPR, how to locate and use the AEDs and Bleeding Control Kits in our building, how to save a choking victim, how to handle a seizure, how to manage the basic bleeds, and each grade level did their own 911 call to the EW County Sheriff's office.  The 5th grade call was more of a Q & A session to familiarize themselves with the experience should they need to call 911.  The 6th grade call was more realistic, given a scenario with the dispatcher answering the call as if we actually dialed 911.  We had some great student leaders for the calls and the students did an amazing job with learning new skills and being armed with knowledge that might help them save a life or assist someone more confidently.  A huge thank you, as always, to Head Dispatcher Katie Nelson for always taking our calls!