EJSH Chromebook Deployment

Dear EJSH Families,

Although it is true that technology is only a tool, it is a tool that our students need opportunities to be able to use skillfully. Access to technology can help create powerful learning experiences for our students. 

EJSH students will soon have access to a school issued Chromebook. Access to technology is a partnership, with responsibility being shared between the district, the students, and the students’ families. To this end, we will use an ELECTRONIC DEVICE AGREEMENT to help ensure all partners understand the expectations.

Students in grade 7-12 will each have a Chromebook and charger checked out to them during the week of March 23rd, 2021. During Parent-Teacher conferences on March 8th and 9th, each advisor will have a hard copy of the USD #327 Electronic Device Agreement stating the expectations of management and use. That same document can also be located on our district website by accessing the following link  https://bit.ly/2PGVJFr

That agreement will need to be signed and returned before the Chromebook can be issued to a specific student. It is expected that each student will have a charged device that can access the schools Wi-Fi network available during each school day. 

We are excited to continue to move forward as a district with access to technology and look forward to continuing to work to provide our students with the best resources and opportunities to be GREAT!

All the best,

Dan Magie

Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator