327's Covid Data

The above picture provides the current data concerning positive cases and quarantine numbers for students and staff.  

We hope this provides information as to what is transpiring in our schools.   It is an alarming trend and it reflects what is happening in our county as well.  

USD327 will work to improve this information and update the  data on a weekly basis.  

As we travel through the coming weeks and the upward trend of cases, we must unify with each other to fight our battle against the virus and not against each other.  We do this by following the guidelines set forth by KDHE and Ellsworth County Health, obeying the county and district mask orders, as well as social distancing and proper sanitizing.   Let's unite and do the right thing for our students.

USD327's main goal is to stay in the Face-to-Face learning environment, it is what is best for our students, staff, parents and community.   But ... we can only stay F2F  if we all help each other.  So do your part and keep our students and staff in school.  

Be GREAT and Stay WELL!