327 @ 3:27 - Wow!  Wow !  Wow!

USD327 is so proud of everybody’s efforts to kick-off this school year 39 days ago, but better yet, we are still in school and hanging tough!  Hard to believe it, isn’t?  We turn the calendar to November over the weekend and will complete our 40th day of school on Monday! 

Things to be proud of:

  • Our health as a district remains high.
  • The safety of our students and staff is focused on every day.
  • We have seen almost no impact on teachers.
  • Our sports teams completed their seasons with little to no impact and we enjoyed watching our students participate and compete.
  • Student attendance has been impacted only mildly – 176 total quarantine days out of 23,400 total student days.  That is just .75% student days impacted.
  • We have 99% of our students in our classrooms.  We hope to have the remaining 1% return to face-to-face learning soon!
  • We celebrated Fire Prevention week, Halloween Parade, Spirit Week/Homecoming, seen our band march, and attended other important activities virtually.
  • Conducted Parent/Teacher Conferences successfully.
  • Community and Patron Support has been outstanding!  

Things to keep focusing on:

  • We need to keep masking up, washing our hands, keeping our distance, limiting our contact time and watching our travels.
  • Our situation could change in a second.  Stay aware both in school and at home!  What you do away from school directly impacts all of us when we get back to school.
  • Continue to set goals one to two weeks out.  Small victories turn into our eventual long–term success!   
  • Stay Vigilant!

This has been a 7-month-long marathon with 100m and 400m sprints sprinkled within it!  It is hard and difficult work, but we need to keep running the race with our "teammates."   We need to keep celebrating our victories and we need to keep supporting each other - - it takes ALL OF US!  Keep up the good work and stay FOCUSED!

  Stay Well and Be GREAT!