No-Touch Thermometer Concerns Are Unfounded

Thank you to everyone who has expressed concerns over the choice of temperature measuring devices USD327 has chosen to use.   These concerns seem to be based on a video circulating via social media from a gentleman who bases his information off of an “Australian Nurse’s” social media post.  

Your concerns are not taken lightly, however, we know that the No-Touch digital thermometers we use are safe. The thermometers are deemed safe by the U.S. Food &  Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA and Johns Hopkins University have both approved their use.  The thermometers do not emit any form of radiation.  They in fact measure the heat or infrared radiation coming from or being emitted by the body.

They are incapable of targeting the pineal gland which sits deep within the head.  The thermometers that we use were researched prior to purchase and are used in hospitals and medical clinics nationwide and around the world.  They are not referred to as “temperature guns”; but rather, no-touch digital thermometers.  The no-touch capability was an important factor as it eliminates the possible transfer of bacteria and viruses. 

Quick fact checks from the Associated Press and the United Kingdom’s Full Fact support the information above:

 We will continue our research on Tuesday with our local health professionals and provide that information when we receive their guidance. 

As always, USD327 thanks you for your inquiries and concerns. We hope this helps!