Bearcat Eyes

District Staff is back in the building as of Monday the 17th.  A whirlwind of committee meetings, faculty meetings, professional development, all wrapped up with many questions and lots of problem solving!  It was a good first step!   

Teachers were welcomed by Superintendent Brungardt and received information concerning the coming year.  His message culminated with it is time to “… light this candle” using an analogy to the first American astronaut’s statement after waiting to be launched.  Just like Alan Shepard was launched into space in 1961, it is now time to launch into our 20-21 school year.  Lots of planning and preparation have occurred for this school year and the best way to start… is to take the first step, so let’s “light this candle.”  

Mr. Brungardt also shared a message that lighting this candle was a symbol of “hope” for our teachers, students and communities.  We need “hope” to carry on in difficult and challenging times.  Now is not the time to give up.  Now is the time to START working and learning.     

After the “welcome” by Mr. Brungardt, teachers, paras, aides, and other staff engaged in meaningful learning opportunities covering Health, Classrooms, Technology, Facilities and other operational areas within the schools.  327 will continue this work and continue to “iron out the wrinkles” in the days ahead.      

Last week, parents participated in a “Platform Survey” and that data was reviewed.  There were 413 students who were represented by the survey.  The short of the long is:

  • Nearly 76% of those students and their parents are comfortable, very comfortable, or totally comfortable being back in school with the steps we have taken to re-open. 
  • Out of the 413 students represented, 400 (96.85%) want to be in sitting in our classrooms for Face-to-Face Learning opportunities.   

That is great news and is a positive shot in the arm as our teachers are excited to be back in the classroom and cannot wait to see our students.  To be truthful, there is also a bit of nervous anticipation as well.  We want “normal” and we all want “it” real bad; but there is that cloud hanging over our heads that we all seem to be waiting for the “cloudburst” of rain to come.  We will just all keep thinking positive.  

327 continues to work with County Health, Kansas Department of Education and other authorities to prepare the best we can for the fast approaching first day of school for students.  

In addition, the district is dealing with technical challenges.  Currently, email, phone and other computer network operations are functioning intermittently.  We are sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate everybody’s understanding.