Busy Tuesday in 327!  Here is the latest:

  • The Facilities Committee met this morning to discuss cleaning, sanitizing, schedules, processes, supplies, and the complexity of maintaining healthy buildings.
  • Tina Bruning and Mr. Brungardt visited with K12itc(our new network and systems manager).  Items discussed were:
    • ensuring the network was going to be up and running at full capacity next week when staff arrives.
    • connecting document cameras and other important tech to aid in instructional delivery
    • purchasing additional machines
    • Access to teacher home folders
  • The T-Cubed committee met today to discuss the Re-Opening Process document that the Board of Education approved at last night’s meeting. 

The Re-Opening Process document can be found at this link: https://5il.co/jd9n or you can make your way to www.usd327.org and click on the yellow “COVID INFO” link on the homepage.  You can also navigate to the COVID INFO on the App.

Another important document is the Ellsworth County School Covid-19 Guidance document.  This document was a result of the committee that Nurse Bonnie has mentioned before.  Representatives from USD327, USD112, Ellsworth County Health Department and Ellsworth County Medical Center make up this committee and have met on a weekly basis to ensure the districts of Ellsworth County have the latest Covid info.  It can be found at this link: https://5il.co/jevh  or you can follow the path to the yellow “COVID INFO” link again. 

The excitement and anticipation for the new school year is building.  Many teachers and staff have been in the buildings and prepping for the August 17th start date for all staff.  Secretaries and Custodians are busy preparing as well.  Keep up the good work and 327 looks forward to seeing you all next Monday!  Students we will be ready for you on the 3rd of September.  Until then, Be WELL and Be GREAT!