The transportation committee met briefly this morning.  We discussed the challenges associated with keeping students safe while on the buses and at bus stops.  As mentioned earlier this week, we are considering opening the schools as late as possible as we cannot have any mixed classroom students congregating in the gyms and commons.  This poses significant challenges for the family as well as the school.  Just as in the buildings, students will be required to wear masks on the buses.  The transportation team will meet again next week.   

In addition, the district is finalizing the health screening process for students each day.  Students will be have their temperature taken each day before they enter the school or board the bus.  If they have a temp over 100.4º the student will be sent to an isolation room for further evaluation.  If the evaluation in the isolation room indicates signs and symptoms of Covid, families will be called and a course of action will be shared.  Students would not be allowed to board the bus if they have a temperature higher than 100.4º.   

The district is entrusting and placing the “health questions” survey in the hands of the families.  We are asking them to ask if the student is exhibiting and flu-like symptoms, cough or shortness of breath, or sudden loss of taste or smell?  If thermometers are available at home, we suggest taking temps just as an extra step in prevention and helps families in planning their morning.  

327 staff will undergo these same processes before entering our buildings as well.        

The health of everybody in our district is very important and we must be responsible, not only to ourselves, but to everyone else.  We want to stay healthy and it will take all of us to trust that everyone is doing their due diligence.  

Stay Well and Be GREAT!