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After several drafts to try and find the right words to wrap-up this school year… and failing with each draft!  It became very apparent, that there are “no right words” to explain or describe what we have been through these last 10 weeks or so.   

There are no right words to describe what each of our students have had to go through.   There are no right words to describe what each of our parents - turned teachers - have been through.    There are no right words to describe the challenges our teachers faced.  No right words to describe the emotional roller coaster our Graduates have ridden on or what the entire Community of 327 has been through for that matter.   

We each have our own story and there is no easy way to put all of those stories in this document; but there are words that might show up in each of those stories.  Words like:  SUCCESS, FAILURE, TEARS, LAUGHS, RESILIENCE, BALANCE, HARD WORK, TRANSFORMATIONAL, CRAZY, DIFFICULT, IMPOSSIBLE AND CONSTANTLY CHANGING.   

My USAF Training Instructor would be very proud of our district and our accomplishments. … and we need to be proud too!  His message was always about “adapting and overcoming” the task “we” were faced with.  And there is little doubt in anybody’s mind; that what our 327 Family has endured, was a difficult or impossible task.  We have adapted and we have overcome!    

So before we turn the page on this school year, visit with your student and ask them to share with you their feelings and what there “story” was.  Be sure to read to them, spend time with them, celebrate their successes and mourn their failures this school year; also be sure to let them know that even when they “fail”, they will “fail forward” as long as they are trying to do the best they can.  

Now, even as we close the year out, know that 327 is working on thoughts for how to do BETTER next time!  A leadership team made up of the teachers and principals, has met for the last three weeks or so.  Thus far, they are asking lots and lots of questions.  Soon their focus will shift to finding answers for those questions.  They will adapt and overcome.  They will ask more questions and diagnose the situation as it evolves.  They will find more answers.  They will pivot; and find even more answers.  Over and over until we succeed!  Please have faith in them.  Their task is not an easy one, so be patient with them and know that they are working hard for all of us.  All of their hard work is so we will all succeed next year no matter what it looks like, and what it looks like, is still too early to tell.     

Lastly, USD327 wants to express its deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you!  Students, 2020 Graduates, Moms, Dads, Grandpas & Grandmas, Teachers, Paras, School Nurse, County Nurse, Custodians, Aides, Cooks, Bus Drivers, Administrative Assistants, Tech Coordinator, Principals, Businesses, Community Leaders, and those that I forgot to mention - - THANKS for extending “GRACE” to us AND to each other as we voyaged through these challenging times.  Tough times make tough people; and we are all better because we extended grace and worked together as a team, and for that … USD327 Thanks You!  

USD327 Ellsworth-Kanopolis-Geneseo Signing off!  The “impossible task” is now complete!  Have a great summer!  Be Safe!  Be Healthy! But most importantly… Be GREAT!