The culmination of 13 years of education has finally wrapped up this week for our class of 2020.  It was not supposed to end this way… but it has.  It was supposed to be more like: walking down the hallways for the final times, blocking the parking lot to camp out, leaving Mr. Coonrod’s room for the last time from Government class, a special lunch, graduation practice on Thursday, the Graduate-Walk through the EES hallways and lots of “high fives” from those little Bearcats, and one last message from Mr. Windholz after graduation practice.

We are sorry it has come to this; but, USD327 is committed to still making graduation special.  You can see this commitment in the graduate posters that Mr. Windholz and Shaun Thornton created for our seniors.  They look sharp on the Ellsworth Elementary fence.  By the way, be sure to stop by and take your pictures by them by Sunday night, as the EES Fence will be painted next week sometime and the pics will be removed and made available to you soon. 

In another effort by the Senior Officers, Senior Sponsors, and EHS Admin, EHS still hopes to make Sunday May 17th at 2:00 PM a memorable moment.  Earlier this week these individuals recorded speeches and memories with the help of Randy Goering from 100.7 FM Eagle County and Eagle Communications.  Mr. Goering is now producing a radio recognition show that will air at 2 PM on Sunday. 

If you are in the listening area, you can tune your radio dial to FM 100.7 KHOK to listen live.  You can navigate to the audiostream to listen in from anywhere in the world by using the following link:

be sure to click play.  So be sure to tell Grandpas and Grandmas and all your relation.  USD327 intends to send text reminders in the coming days that can then be forwarded on to everybody as well.  Furthermore, we will post the link on

Other things you can do to celebrate our graduates is view the traditional Senior Slide Show.  To do so, go to and click the link in the banner.  If you are viewing this on your phone, scroll to the top and click the Bearcat to take you to that same page.  You may have to click the dots on the homepage to see the pics.  If you are viewing on your computer, you can scroll to the top and click the Bearcat in the upper left to go directly to the homepage. 

Remember that EHS is planning to have a formal graduation ceremony on July 12th at 2 PM.  We are planning for a traditional ceremony as our first plan and then have back up plans that include a limited attendance ceremony all the way to a drive through graduation for our seniors.  327 will continue to monitor the situation and cooperate with State and Local Health Authorities to make the best and safest decision for all.  Our current plan is to make a final decision and announcement on Friday July 3rd as to what type of ceremony we will have on July 12th so every family has time to prepare and make graduation special for all.

To the Graduates and their Moms and Dads out there, Congrats to you!  This journey is ending but a new and exciting adventure is just around the corner!  327 Thanks You for sharing this time and space with us over the years and wishes you nothing but the very best in the future.  Now get out there and Be GREAT!