Driver's Education Program Update

Good afternoon, this is Mike Keith the Driver's Education Coordinator for USD 327.  As the re-opening of business and everyday life begins to occur, we are beginning to get a better idea of future dates for completing our driver's education class.   The following are dates we are trying to set but may be subject to change based upon further actions of the Governor, Kansas State Department of Revenue and the Ellsworth County Health Department. However, we have to start somewhere.  

First, the on-line classroom will close on Monday, May 18th. All 16 modules MUST be completed with at least a score of 16 for each module in order to move the next phase.  Please print the Final Review Study Guide before Monday!  If you can answer all the questions on the study guide you will probably do very well on the final exam.  If not...….STUDY your textbook. 

Second, on June 15th at 9:00am we will take the Kansas Rules and Regulation Exam (White Book) in the EJSHS commons.  This is the test for you to receive your Instructional Permit.  Even if you have an instructional permit already, you have to take this test as part of our curriculum.   

Third, on June 22nd at 9:00am in the EJSHS commons we will take the Final Exam for the Buhler On-line classroom.  Again, print the study guide and review for the exam over your textbook.  You must pass BOTH the Instructional Permit exam and the Final Exam in order to move to the driving session.  

Fourth, beginning June 29th and for the next 4 weeks through July 24th we will have our behind the wheel driving sessions.  Your student will only drive for one for one of those weeks.  Please contact me via phone call with the week that would work best for your family and student for this driving portion.  

Thank you all for being so patient in this time of uncertainty. However, I am sure you have many questions, so feel free to call me and I will try my best to answer them for you.    


Mike Keith

Driver's Education Coordinator