senior pic

Over the last several weeks, a team has been discussing and planning possible solutions on how to conduct our 2020 Graduation and recognize or seniors.   The team is made up of Hayden Rogers, Eric Coonrod, Janet Schulte, Ken Windholz and Dale Brungardt.  The team communicated with seniors and gained their insights as well. 

The team has brainstormed a variety of great ideas and options to recognize the 2020 Graduates.  The ideas that have risen to the top will hopefully allow us to recognize our seniors in the future; but will be contingent on County, State, and Federal guidelines.  

USD327’s current plans are:

  • The tennis and football stadium lights will continue to be turned on at 20:20 (8:20 PM) for 20 minutes and 20 seconds on Friday Nights through May 15th.
  • Vinyl graduate posters will be hung on the EES playground fence early next week
  • Seniors are working to complete the Senior Slideshow and we hope to post it soon on the website
  • Graduate Recognition will be conducted on July 12th at 2 PM:
    • Plan A – Traditional Graduation Ceremony in the EJSH Gym
    • Plan B – Graduation Ceremony with limited attendance by family members only
    • Plan C – Drive-thru Graduation Ceremony in the EJSH Parking lot  

USD327 is focusing and hoping Plan A is the option we can conduct to recognize the last 13 years of everybody's efforts.  Not only has the graduate worked hard, but so have moms, dads, siblings, grandmas, and grandpas and you all certainly deserve this “day” to be very special.  We will do our best and will let you know on Friday July 3rd as to which Plan we will conduct for the July 12th date.   

Special note to Seniors:  - - - It is very unfortunate that one of the first lessons you will learn as a graduate, is that life is unfair and there are times when it really stings!  But the second lesson you have learned over and over as a student is one we never officially taught you in a classroom; but, we were teaching “it” from the first day of kindergarten, and unfortunately even now on your last days as a senior.  This important lesson is RESILIENCE!  Resilience is a difficult lesson to learn; but, you will need to have that toughness.  That courage to carry on when faced with challenges.  So hang in there; plow through it, no matter how difficult; and then, you will Be GREAT! 

Congratulations Class of 2020!!!