Jet studying

USD327 students and teachers are finishing up their fourth week of the new Continuous Learning program.  It has been no simple task for all involved.  From the Parents to the Teachers and all the students in between, USD327 sends out a very heartfelt THANK YOU to you all!

We have connected through phone calls, texts, Zoom, packets, email, See Saw, Google classroom and other online methods.  We know it has not been perfect, but it is the “best perfect” we can do in this challenging time.  327 feels that “communication” is the best way to help all involved and to plow through the remoteness we are living in.  Parents and students please be sure to communicate any concerns or difficulties you have.  This will allow our staff to make possibly adjustments to improve the situation.  Also, be sure to look for the silver-lining in the situation and share the successes you are having. 

Other items/events from last couple weeks include:

  • The District Buildings have been CLOSED to all staff and patrons since April 9th.  Only the principals, Facility Manager & assistant, Transportation Director, the District Office Secretaries and Superintendent are allowed in the buildings. 
  • This building closure was to end April 27th but this date has been EXTENDED to SUNDAY MAY 3RD.    
  • Surveys were sent out to parents and students or were discussed in teacher/student phone calls.  Results show that almost all of the students and parents are engaged in the academic lessons. 
  • School lunches continue to go well.  Numbers have been near and above the 350 mark.
  • The building and district secretaries have been gathering data and organizing it, so the district can refund lunch money and fees already paid for the second semester.  This is quite an undertaking and 327 appreciates their efforts.
  • For those of you that have a refund greater than $15.00, the secretaries will be in touch to see if you want those dollars refunded or to leave in your accounts for next year.   
  • If you do not receive a call and you feel you have dollars left in your account that you would like refunded, please email your building secretary.  Their emails can be found on the banner at  Or you can call 472-5561.  
  • Two KMS and two EES classrooms have been carpeted and two at the high school will be completed next week.
  • Conversations on a Graduation Celebration are on-going.  The goal is to have
    the “traditional ceremony” but we will wait to see how the health situation continues to play out.  Mrs. Schulte, Senior Class Leadership, and Mr. Windholz continue to conduct these important conversations to make the best decision for all.
  • We have had difficulties with our football stadium lighting, but as long as they keep turning on; we will keep celebrating the Class of 2020 on Friday nights at 20:20 military time for 20 minutes and 20 seconds!  
  • You will now notice on the website a yellow “COVID INFO” button.  This button quickly links you to information concerning the District’s response and actions concerning Covid-19.  You will find most of the academic information there as well.   
  • USD327 is continuing to work on rolling out an “On-line Registration” program through Infinite Campus.  Live testing with a few parents will occur in the up-coming weeks in preparation for a full rollout expected for the start of the next school year.  Our hope is that this will save time for parents and perhaps even eliminate the “traditional enrollment” process.   
  • USD327 is working towards a transition to K12itc technical support for the district.  With the upcoming retirement of our Tech Coordinator, we will make the transition to a remote service that will provide support for our servers, routers, and network system.  

As we enter into next week, know that we are crossing over the half-way point of the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP).  So take a moment to think about that milestone and share with your student and family.  Celebrate our the hurdles we have jumped and the successes we have had - - - all the students being fed, the CLP was written, Lesson Plans created, student/school items returned, communication is occurring through a variety of methods, our students keep learning, flexibility and grace have been extended to all and many more….  

No doubt it has been a major change; but, it is amazing how much work was completed by teachers, students and parents to make this “impossible task” possible.  We have made it this far and USD327 is certain that “together we will” make it the rest of the way to put the finishing touches on the 2019-2020 School Year.  

Keep being GREAT! and Stay Well!