Senior Class Meeting—Social distancing style:

Class of 2020,

Graduation is upon us and we need to prepare.  Graduation may be far from traditional this year, but we will find a way to celebrate the class of 2020 and all their accomplishments! Our hope is that social distancing puts C-19 at a standstill and we are able to “get back to normal” in time for a traditional ceremony. We will not be able to have our traditional ceremony on the 17th, but we will be ready whenever and however we do get to celebrate.

I met with your elected class officers a couple weeks back. Part of the officer’s role is to put together the PowerPoint presentation that is traditionally shown for graduation. All seniors need to send three pictures to Lakyn Tenbrink at 785-531-2667 : 1) a baby picture, 2) a senior picture (We can use your Lifetouch picture if you did not have senior pictures taken.), and 3) a picture of choice participating in an activity or class. Please send these as soon as possible. It takes time to get the presentation prepared, which will be challenging at a distance. Please have all pictures submitted by April 17. Put this at the top of your TODO list so the officers can get started. The sooner the better.

Class speaker—Boy does your class have a lot to talk about! Anyone that chooses to be a class speaker may do so. Write a class speech and submit it to my email— A panel of teachers/administrators will read all the speeches that are submitted and choose one. That person will be the class speaker at graduation. This is sometimes done in pairs, which may be difficult this year. If you choose to do this, please have your speeches submitted to me by May 8th. If you do not hear a response from me indicating that I received your speech, contact me by phone (785-472-1495).

Seniors, I encourage you to finish the semester strong. Your GPA can improve with hard work this semester, and your GPA will be used to measure you for scholarships and job applications long after this year is in the history books.

You have been cheated out of many things and it stinks. But no one can cancel hope, and we can hope that this entire ordeal will make you stronger and more resilient to life’s challenges you will face in the future. And we can certainly hope for an unforgettable graduation celebration.

Take care, stay safe, and reach out if you need anything.

And remember to send your pictures. J

Mrs. Schulte