USD 327 Staff have worked hard upon their return back from spring break this week.  The job descriptions of all have changed in scope and how those jobs are now completed.  Events that occurred this week:

  • Teachers worked remotely and connected by email, texts, phone calls and computers to work on academic material with their fellow teachers.  A few teachers were on-site to work tasks that cannot be done remotely.
  • Custodians bagged and tagged student items to ready them for return to the students.
  • Secretaries worked on a variety of tasks including possible lunch money returns in the future.
  • Food service prepared a large amount of food – over a 1000 meals on Thursday.
  • Bus Drivers cleaned and maintained district vehicles.  In the future you may see the yellow airliners traveling around as they keep their driving skills sharp. 
  • Admin continue to meet face to face for daily briefings and problem solving sessions.  They are in touch with teachers daily.
  • District Office staff continued to evaluate and work the ever-changing challenges of the logistical world of education. 

With respect to the Governor’s Stay At Home announcement and County Health Nurse’s Safer At Home order.  USD327 Admin were briefed on these announcements on Saturday afternoon and how they might impact our Continuous Learning Plans for next week.  The short of it is - - - “business as usual”.  USD327 will continue with our Learning Plans to teach students in our district.  School will go on as planned and meals will continue to be delivered.   

The Governor’s orders stated that school personnel are deemed “Essential” according to Kansas Essential Function Framework established last week. Therefore:

  • Our established Continued Learning Plans will remain in place and will roll out next week as planned.
  • Grab-n-Go Meals for children ages 1-18 will continue as scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays. 
  • The plan to reunify students with their belongings on Wednesday will continue.  Check the link out for more info.  
  • The established Social Distancing guidelines remain in place.
  • Staff interaction for lunch and pick-up will continue with masks and gloves to protect us all.

Other updates concerning the Continuous Learning Plan are: 

  • The district plans to systematically “Roll Out” Lessons from teachers.  Look for them to come at various times throughout the week. 
  • The Teachers will continue calling their students.  We want to make sure we keep building the relationships. 
  • We are sticking to “Less is More” and “Less is Best.”
  • We realize that students and parents are learning a new process for school and we hope to keep it in balance with all that is going on.
  • Keep Learning and Growing each day!
  • We all need to set our goals for the week or perhaps the next two weeks.  Break it up into chunks.
  • We all need to make sure we pause … adapt … and overcome!  We’ve got each other and we will make it through the challenges ahead.  
  • The district realizes we have homes that are in the Stone Ages, or the Middle Ages, or in the Space Age when it comes to on-line capabilities.  The district will work with you no matter what “technological age” you are in.
  • Extend Grace to all you encounter.  

As we have come to learn, this can be a rapidly changing situation.  We must all remain flexible and ready to change directions on short notice.  We intend to keep notifying the students, staff, and parents through texts and in the “News” portion on the district website.      

Be GREAT! and Stay Well!