Schedule for Returning School Books & Receiving Student Property

On Wednesday, April 1st,

USD327 students/families will have the opportunity via Drive-Thru/Curb-side to Return Textbooks & Library Books to their respective school & Receive student property that was in their lockers/classrooms. All items will be ready for pick-up.

We ask that you stay in your vehicles as District Staff will assist you at your location.  If you walk to the location, you must remain outside.  It will be necessary to go to each location if you have students in multiple buildings.

Building Time Schedules:

EJSH:  Main Entrance Drive-Thru

9:00 AM - 12:00

KMS:  Main Entrance Drive-Thru

(5th Grade) 9:00 AM - 10:30

(6th Grade) 10:30 - 12:00

EES:  Office Entrance Green Curb-Side

(Kdg) 9:00 AM

(1st Grade) 9:30 AM

(2nd Grade) 10:00

(3rd Grade) 10:30

(4th Grade) 11:00

EES/KMS Families with multiple students in the building, you can return & receive items during one of the scheduled times that works best for you.

*If you are not available during these pick-up times, please contact the following to make arrangements.

EJSH:  Ron Davis -

KMS:  Eric Stoddard -

EES:  Patrick Schroeder -