District wants to make a clarification on Governor Kelly’s statement yesterday on her executive order to close schools.  This means that school buildings are closed but Educational Services ARE NOT!  Next week, the district staff will be working on ways to keep students learning until the end of the regular school year.       

Please read and watch the following article and animations.  It will show why education is slowing down and stopping regular attendance of students in our schools.  The animations should make you “think” about you and your impact on others.     

The Administrative Team met today for over 6 hours and will meet again tomorrow.  We are working on finding answers to the 1001 questions.  The principals also reached out to their site councils to focus on questions that moms, dads, and guardians may have.  We will work on some sort of Frequently Asked Questions document to help you in the coming days.     

Our priorities from today’s meetings

  • Health and Safety of our Students, Staff and Community
  • Relationships and Emotional Well-being of everyone during this unprecedented time
  • Win-Win Instructional Processes for students, staff and families 

There will be no spring activities/athletics at this point.  There is a possibility that graduation will be postponed, in the hope that this situation passes and EHS could hold a commencement at a much later date – just remember this is a very fluid situation.   

  Lastly… THINK!  Be Safe and Be Smart!  With everyone doing our part and being responsible to each other, we will make it through these challenging times.