Covid 19

District leadership attended a KSDE webinar with Commissioner Randy Watson.  Commissioner Watson is working alongside the Governor, the State Legislature, KDHE, KNEA, KASB, and other state organizations.  His main points of that briefing were:

  • For schools in the State that are just coming off spring break, Commissioner is “strongly recommending” that schools close for this week March 16th – 20th
  • Schools on Spring Break, like us, he is recommending a holding pattern and wait for more information as the State determines the best path.
  • For Schools that go on Spring Break next week, March 23rd – 27th, Commissioner Watson is recommending closure for them for this week as well, 16th – 20th.
  • Closing all schools would be a state-wide coordinated effort to provide time to learn and gain information on this rapidly changing situation.
  • The KDHE is in affirmation and support of the State Department of Ed’s decision to recommend school closures this week.
  • Governor Kelly will be speaking to the State Sunday night at 6 PM.

How Commissioner Watson’s statement directly impacts USD327 at this time:  

  • We continue with our Spring Break this week, 16th – 20th.
  • Custodial staff will continue cleaning and sanitizing the building.
  • NO School Related Activities or Practices this week 16th – 20th.  
  • In the meantime, continue to wash your hands, avoid touching your face and eyes, practice social distancing, and stay at home if you are sick or coughing.    

The district will continue to monitor and work with State officials on this quickly changing situation.