Starting Friday, November 8th, the district will be sending out text messages to test programing that was completed linking Infinite Campus to the USD327 app.  The app allows the district to pull names, cell numbers and other necessary information from Infinite Campus and upload it to the USD327 app.  Unlike the REMIND system used in the past, the app will not require anyone to sign up to receive the text messages and should ensure that all parents receive the correct messages. 

Since the USD327 app pulls data daily, it is important that your data in Infinite Campus is correct and up to date.  Any change of personal information is important, but it is imperative that your cell number is up to date.  Be sure to check all your contact and emergency contact information in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  If your information needs updating, please notify your student’s office and visit with the administrative assistants to make changes.   

There will be several levels of notification depending on the importance and timing required for the message. 

  • Basic information will be place on the website and app under the Live Feed section, as well as the News section
  • Basic information of increased importance will be placed on the “banner” (top) of the opening page of the district’s website.  Remember it can be found at
  • More sensitive information will be sent out through the USD327 app with a “push notification” to your phone
  • Information deemed the timeliest or of the upmost importance will be texted to your phone

Although the levels above have been somewhat defined, the district wants patrons to know that we are only in the learning stages of this new system’s notification capabilities.  A few examples of future notification possibilities are: only seniors and their parents, just 3rd grade parents, only the parents of KMS students, the 7-12 students or to all cell numbers in the Infinite Campus database. 

If you do not have the USD327 App on your phone, the app can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store by searching “USD327”.  You will know you have the right app when you see our Bearcat!  Don’t forget to check your phone and app settings to make sure you the receive the push notifications sent through the app.

For patrons of our district that do not have a cell number connected to a student, they will have to rely on other district media resources for the latest district information.  The district website, Twitter, Facebook, push notifications and live feed from the USD327 app are all viable resources and are considered the “official voice” of the district. 

It is the hope of 327 that this full notification system will provide you with a simple and easy means of receiving the latest district happenings.