Student Registration

New students to the District must register at the District Office after August 15th. Proof of identity must be provided. This includes the student's birth certificate and social security card. Other documents required are a record of immunizations and a medical physical for students nine (9) years of age and under.

New for the 2024-2025 school year - USD 327 will accept nonresident students if capacity exists and students meet policy guidelines. For more information on Open Enrollment please click here.

The District Office is located at 145 W. 15 Street, Ellsworth. Office Hours are 7:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday during the school year. The District Office is closed during school holidays. During the summer the District Office is open 7:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am - 12:00 pm on Friday.

Bus Information

Bus transportation will be furnished to students living in Kanopolis and attending Ellsworth schools, students living in Ellsworth and attending Kanopolis Middle School, and for students living in Geneseo and attending Kanopolis and Ellsworth Schools. Bus routes will begin on the first day of school. Students living in Geneseo should board the bus on Main Street in Geneseo by 7:00 am. Students in Ellsworth attending Kanopolis Middle School will board the buses at Elementary School on the 2nd Street side at 7:20 am. Students living in the Kanopolis area who will be attending Ellsworth Elementary School or Ellsworth Jr/Sr High School will board buses at 7:350 am in front of Kanopolis Middle School. Buses will pick up students at the same locations when schools dismiss in the afternoon.

USD 327 will pay mileage for trips made, not to exceed two round trips per day, for all in District students living more than 2.5 miles from the nearest attendance center unless such students are on a designated bus route. Claim forms will be mailed to patrons who are eligible for mileage. Completed forms are due back to the District Office by January 10, 2025, for 1st semester mileage and June 13, 2025, for 2nd semester. Payments will be made following the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Each family must keep an accurate record of trips made during the school year. If you qualify for mileage reimbursement, please contact the District Office at 785.472.5561 by August 7th of each school year. New students who register during the school year have seven (7) day from the day of registration to notify the District Office they qualify for mileage reimbursement.

Inclement Weather

School closings due to inclement weather will be announced through the USD 327 notification system and posted on KWCH, KAKE and KSN television stations, the District website and social media. For the USD 327 Inclement Weather Plan please click here.

Notification System

USD 327 uses a text notification system to provide information on school closings, events and news. Parent/Guardian and student cell phone numbers are pulled from Infinite Campus (IC), our student information system. Therefore, there is no need to sign up for these notifications. Parents/Guardians and students need to ensure their information is correct in IC.

Athletic text notifications provide information concerning athletics at Ellsworth Jr/Sr High School. If you would like to receive these notifications, please complete the Athletic Text Notification Form and send it to the District Office.

School Breakfast and Lunch

USD 327 participates in the National School Lunch Program. Breakfast and lunch are offered at all three schools. Students that do not qualify for free meals will be charged for each meal they take at the beginning of the school year 2023-2024. Families may have their eligibility determined by completing the 2024-2025 Household Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals. Please click on this link to complete this online form. Families may complete the paper application instead of the online application. The paper application is available here. Completed paper applications may be mailed or returned to the District Office. If you do complete the this application (either online or paper), please complete the Consent for Disclosure form in order to receive the reduced textbook/technology and/or driver's education fee. Questions can be directed to the District Office.

Meal Prices


Paid Price

Reduced Price










Paid Price

Reduced Price









Unpaid Meal Charges Policy (Policy EE)

A charge account for students paying full or reduced price for meals may be established with the District. Students may charge no more than $25 of meals to this account. Charging of a la carte or extra items to this account will not be permitted.

Any student failing to keep a charge account solvent as required by this policy shall not be allowed to charge further meals until the negative account balance has been paid in full. However, such students will be allowed to purchase a meal if the student pays for the meal when it is received. Students who have charged the maximum allowance to this account and cannot pay out of pocket for a meal will be provided an alternative meal consisting of a sandwich, fruit, vegetable and milk.

At least verbal and one written warning shall be provided to a student and the student's parent or guardian prior to denying meals for exceeding the District's charge limit. Access to this policy will be provided to the student's parent or guardian with the written warning. If payment of the negative balance is not received within five (5) working days of the maximum charge limit being attained, the debt will be turned over to the Superintendent or Superintendent's designee for collection in accordance with board policy DP. If the debt is not paid within 10 days of mailing the final notice of the negative account balance under policy DP, it shall be considered bad debt for the purpose of federal law concerning unpaid meal charges.

Payments for school meals may be made at the school or District Office, or online via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Students, staff, parents and guardians of students are encouraged to prepay meal costs. All meal accounts will be paid in full at the end of each school year. District staff are also allowed to establish charge accounts for meals and will be held to the same meal charge regulations as students, as listed in this policy.

The District will provide a copy of this unpaid meal charges policy to all households at or before the start of school each year and to families and students that transfer into the District at the time of transfer. The terms of this policy will also be communicated to all District staff responsible for enforcing any aspect of the policy, a copy of the policy will be posted in District meal service facilities and the policy will be made available on the District's website and social media accounts. Records of how and when it is communicated to households and staff will be retained.

Student Athletes

Students who plan to participate in competitive sports at Ellsworth Jr/Sr High School (EJSHS) must have a physical examination and signed concussion forms completed annually. Forms must include immunization dates and must be filed at EJSHS prior to participation in practice. These forms are available at here and EJSHS.

Student Insurance

USD 327 has selected the Student Insurance Plan from K&K Insurance Group to make reliable coverage available to parents. If you don't have insurance, this plan may be a resource to consider. Additionally, even if you have other coverage, this plan can help fill expensive "gaps" caused by deductibles and co-pays. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting

Senior Citizen Activity Passes

Senior Citizen Activity Passes are available to USD 327 patrons who are 65 years and older. This pass entitles these individuals free admission to locally sponsored sports activities. Individuals may apply for a pass at the District Office.

Statewide Hotline Information

KS HB25558 has established a schoolwide school hotline that will be staffed by the Kansas Highway Patrol. The purpose of the hotline is to give students an opportunity to report "impending school violence." Student calls will be received by a single statewide Highway Patrol Dispatch Center, then transferred to local law enforcement who will relay the information to the local school administrator. The toll free number is 877-626-8203.

Asbestos Management

USD 327 is required to inspect its buildings for asbestos and to develop a management plan for those asbestos-containing materials that were located within its buildings. These plans are available for review during normal business hours at the District Office. These management plans have been implemented to meet requirements set forth in the regulation. The Asbestos Program Manager is Mrs. Deena Hilbig, Superintendent, USD 327, 145 W. 15th Street, PO Box 306, Ellsworth, Kansas 67439, 785.472.5561.

The three-year re-inspection was completed August 15, 2023.


Policies JGEC, JGECA, GAAC, GAACA prohibit sexual, racial and disability harassment of students and employees. Policy JDDC prohibits bullying in any form. USD 327 will not tolerate any type of harassment or bullying, whether sexual, racial or otherwise. Any student or employee who believes they have been subject to harassment or bullying should contact their building principal, counselor or any licensed staff member. These policies are posted at

Notice of Discrimination

USD 327 shall hire all employees on the basis of ability and the needs of the District. USD 327 is an equal opportunity employer.

USD 327, Ellsworth County, State of Kansas does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to Boy Scouts, and other designated youth groups.

The following person is designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Mrs. Deena Hilbig, Superintendent, USD 327, 145 W. 15th Street, PO Box 306, Ellsworth, KS, 67439, 785.472.5561.

Useful Information and Forms

School Supply Lists

General Information - Includes general student information, lunch prices, textbook/technology and class fees

Letter to Households - Information on the Free and Reduced Price School Meals

Free and Reduced Price School Meals Online Application - Apply for free/reduced price school meals online

Free and Reduced Price School Meals Paper Application - Please return completed application to the District Office

Consent for Disclosure Form - Complete if you qualify for free or reduce price school meals and would like to receive discount on textbook/technology fees

Bus Schedule

Student Accident Insurance Information

Sunflower Summer - The Sunflower Summer program returns this summer to once again provide FREE experiences for Kansas families. The program runs from May 25 to August 11, 2024 and allows families FREE access to a wide variety of experiences all over the state through the download of a mobile app. The Sunflower Summer website in included HERE and it includes experience locations, app download information, and other links.

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