Programs for Kids

We have several programs in place to assist our students.
The following is a list of the services provided at Ellsworth Elementary School.

Title 1 Services

Title 1 funds our Student Support Services. This program remains flexible so we can assist students when they are in need of extra help. The objective of this program is to raise the students achievement to the class average. The students being served are non-special education students. Here at Ellsworth Elementary we focus on student improvement in two curriculum core areas, reading and math. Our Student Support teachers communicate to the classroom teachers so we can best meet the student' needs within our core curriculum.

Learning Resource Room

Our special education services are provided by the Special Education Cooperative out of Salina. There are two Learning Resource rooms within our building serving our special education students. Our kindergarten through second grade resource room is a pull out program. The special education students meet with their Resource Room teacher individually or in small group settings for assistance and instruction. The resource room that serves our third and fourth grade special education students uses the same type of instruction as stated above, but also meets the students' instructional needs within the inclusion model (in the student's classroom).

Gifted Program

Our special education services are provided by the Special Education Cooperative out of Salina, and the gifted teacher serves our students by a pull out program. The gifted teacher meets with her students once a week providing them with enrichment activities. The gifted teacher also works with the student's classroom teacher to support the student in the Gifted program.