Mozilla's THIMBLE is an online code editor focused on website development. Teens can use the tool to not only create and publish web pages but also learn essential languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Besides working on their own web development projects, teens can “remix” existing ones. Some of the projects, like the “HTML Burger” or “Homework Excuse Generator,” are funny and designed to engage teens in coding. Others, like the ones about security and privacy, are more serious in nature.mozilla thimble logo
ScratchSCRATCH, supported by MIT, is a coding tool and community in one. Teens who use the app can program interactive games, stories, and animations. They can then submit their creations to the online community to talk through challenges, receive feedback, and find teammates.
TYNKER may be the most robust tool on this list. It starts with “visual blocks,” a bit like Alice or Stencyl, before moving into coding languages. Teens can use the tool for a variety of projects, such as building apps, modifying Minecraft, or coding drones.Tynker logo
Hopscotch logoHOPSCOTCH, available on iOS, focuses on game creation first and code second. Doing so helps teens learn how to code, often without realizing it. It also builds their excitement for code and creation as they watch their ideas come to life.

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