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AR book unless noted otherwise

Adams, Douglas Hitchhiker *1.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
*2 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
3 Life, the Universe and Everything
4 So Long and Thanks for All The Fish
5 Mostly Harmless 6 The Salmon of Doubt
Albertalli, Becky Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda *1 Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda *2 Leah on the Offbeat
Aguirre, Ann Razorland Trilogy *1 Enclave *2 Outpost *3 Horde
Ahdieh, Renee Flame in the Mist *1 Flame in the Mist *2 Smoke in the Sun
Ahdieh, Renee The Wrath & the Dawn *1 The Wrath & the Dawn *2 The Rose & the Dagger
Alexander, Kwame Crossover *1 Crossover *2 Booked *3 Rebound
Alice, Alex Castle in the Star *1 Space Race of 1869 *2 The Moon King 3 Knights of Mars (KMS)

4 Frenchman of Mars

Allende, Isabel Alexander Cold *1.City of Beasts *2.Kingdom of the Golden Dragon 3.Forest of the Pygmies
Allison, John Bad Machinery (Graphic Novel *1 Team Spirit None Are AR *2 Good Boy *3 Simple Soul

*4 Lonely One

*5 Fire Inside

6 Unwelcomed visitor

7 Forked Road

8 Modern Man

Alonge, LJ

Blacktop *1Justin *2 Janae *3 Fank

*4 Toni

Anderson, M.T. Octavian Nothing *1. The Pox Party
*2. The Kingdom on the Waves
Anderson, M.T. A Pals in Peril 1.Whales on Stilts 2.The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen *3.Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware (KMS)

*4.Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger!

5.Zombie Mommy (KMS)

Anderson-Halse, Laurie The Seeds of America Trilogy *1 Chains *2 Forge (KMS) *3 Ashes
Armstrong, Jennifer Fire-Us Trilogy (1) The Kindling
*(2) Keepers of the Flame
*(3) The Kiln
Armstrong, Kelley Darkness Rising Trilogy *1 The Gathering *2 The Calling *3 The Rising
Aslan, Austin Island at the End of the World *1 Island at the End of the World *2 Girl at the Center of the World
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia Kiesha'ra *(1) Hawksong
*(2) Snakecharm
*(3) Falcondance
*(4) Wolfcry
(5) Wyvernhail
August, John Arlo Finch *1 Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire *2 Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moon 3 Arlo Finch in the Kingdom of Shadows
Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen *1 Red Queen *2 Glass Sword 2.5 Cruel Crown (Novella--NOT AR)

*3 Kings Cage

*4 War Storm

Avi, Crispin *(1) The Cross of Lead
*(2) At the Edge of the World *(3) The End of Time
Balliett, Blue Chasing Vermeer *1 Chasing Vermeer *2 Wright 3 *3 Calder Game

*4 Pieces & Players

Bardugo, Leigh The Grisha Trilogy *1 Shadow and Bone *2 Siege and Storm *3 Ruin and Rising
Bardugo, Leigh Six of Crows *1 Six of Crows *2 Crooked Kingdom
Barnett, Mac Terrible Two *1 Terrible Two *2 Terrible Two Get Worse *3 Terrible Two Go Wild

*4 Terrible Two’s Last Laugh

Barron, T. A. Adventures of Kate *(1) Heartlight (KMS)
*(2) The Ancient One
*(3) The Merlin Effect
Barron, T. A. Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy *(1) Merlin's Dragon (2) Doomraga’s Revenge (3) Ultimate Magic
Barron, T. A. Great Tree of Avalon *(1) Child of the Dark Prophecy
*(2) Shadows on the Stars
*(3) The Eternal Flame
Barron, T. A. Lost Years of Merlin *(1) The Lost Years of Merlin
*(2) The Seven Songs of Merlin
*(3) The Fires of Merlin
*(4) The Mirror of Merlin
*(5) The Wings of Merlin
Barry, Dave Class Trip *1 The Worst Class Trip Ever (KMS) *2 The Worst Night Ever
Becker, Tom Darkside *1Darkside *2 Lifeblood 3 Nighttrap

4 Timecurse

5 Blackjack

Beil, Michael The Red Blazer Girls *1 The Ring of Rocamadour *2 The Vanishing Violin *3 The Mistaken Masterpiece

*4 The Secret Cellar

Bell, Alex Polar Bear Explorer Club *1) The Polar Bear Explorer Club 2) Forbidden Expedition 3) Explorers on Black Ice Bridge
Belleza, Rhoda Empress of a Thousand Stars *1 Empress of a Thousand Skies *2 Blood of a Thousand Stars
Bertman, Jennifer Book Scavenger *1. Book Scavenger 2. Unbreakable Code 3. Alcatraz Escape
Black, Holly The Curse Workers *1 White Cat *2 Red Glove *3 Black Heart
Black, Holly Folk of the Arc *1) Cruel Prince *2) Wicked King 3) Queen of Nothing
Black, Holly Good Neighbors *1. Kin
2. Kith 3.Kind
Black, Holly Magisterium *1 The Iron Trial *2 The Cooper Gauntlet *3 The Bronze Key

*4 The Silver mask

5 The Golden Tower

Black, Holly Modern Faerie Tale *(1) Tithe
*(2) Valiant
*(3) Ironside
Black, Kat Book of Tormod *(1) A Templar's Apprentice *(2) A Templar’s’ Gift *(3) A Templar’s Destiny
Blackman, Malorie Naughts & Crosses *(1) Naughts & Crosses
*(2) Knife Edge (3) Checkmate (4) Double Cross

(5) Crossfire

Blackwood, Gary Shakespeare Stealer *(1) Shakespeare Stealer
*(2) Shakespeare's Scribe
(3) Shakespeare's Spy
Bowler, Tim Blade *(1) Playing Dead (KMS) *(2) Out of the Shadows (3) Breaking Free

(4) Running Scared

(5) Fighting Back

Bradford, Chris Young Samurai (1) The Way of the Warrior *(2)The Way of the Sword (3)The Way of the Dragon

(4)The Ring of Earth

(5) The Ring of Water

(6) The Ring of Fire

(7) The Ring of Wind

(8) The Ring of Sky

Brashares, Ann Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants *(1) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
*(2) Second Summer of the Sisterhood
*(3) Girls In Pants: The Third Summer Of The Sisterhood
*(4) Forever in Blue
Bray, Libba Diviners *1 Diviners *2 Lair of Dreams *3 Before the Devil Breaks You

4 The King of Crows

Bray, Libba Gemma Doyle Trilogy *(1) A Great and Terrible Beauty
(2) Rebel Angels
*(3) Sweet Far Thing
Bredsdorff, Bodil Children of the Crow Cove *1 Alex *2 Tink *3 Eidi

*4 Alek

Brennan, Herbie Shadow Project *1 The Shadow Project *2 The Doomsday Box
Brennan, Sarah Demon’s Lexicon Trilogy *1.Demon’s Lexicon *2.Demon’s Covenant *3.Demon’s Surrender
Brennan, Sarah Lynburn Legacy *1 Unspoken *2 Untold *3 Unmade
Brewer, Heather The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod *(1)Eighth Grade Bites *(2)Ninth Grade Slays *(3)Tenth Grade Bleeds

*(4)Eleventh Grade Burns

*(5)Twelfth Grade Kills

Brooks, Terry High Druid of Shannara *(1) Jaarka Ruus
*(2) Tanequil
*(3) Straken
Brown, Dan Robert Langdon
*1. Angels and Demons
*2. The Da Vinci Code
*3. The Lost Symbol 4. Inferno 5. Origin
Brown, Pierce Red Rising Trilogy *1 Red Rising *2 Golden Son *3 The Lost Symbol
Browne, N. M. Dan and Ursula Trilogy *(1) Warriors of Alavna
(2) Warriors of Camlann (3) Warriors of Ethandun
Burtenshaw, Jenna Secrets of Wintercraft *1 Shadowcry 2 Blackwatch 3 Winterveil
Cabot, Meg Airhead *1 Airhead *2 Being Nikki *3 Runaway
Cabot, Meg Abandon *1 Abandon 2 Underworld 3 Awaken
Cabot, Meg All-American Girl *(1) All-American Girl
(2) Ready or Not
Cabot, Meg Princess Diaries *(1) The Princess Diaries
*(2) Princess in the Spotlight
*(3) Princess in Love
*(4) Princess in Waiting
*(4 1/2) Project Princess
*(5) Princess In Pink
*(6) Princess in Training
*(6 1/2) Princess Present
*(7) Party Princess
(7.5) Sweet Sixteen Princess
(7 3/4) Valentine Princess
(8) Princess on the Brink
(9) Princess Mia
(10) Forever Princess (11) Royal Wedding (12) Princess Lessons

(13) Holiday Princess

Cabot, Meg (pseud. Jenny Carroll) Mediator *(1) Shadowland
*(2) Ninth Key
*(3) Reunion
*(4) Darkest Hour
*(5) Haunted
*(6) Twilight
Cadnum, Michael In a Dark Wood *(1) In a Dark Wood
*(2) Forbidden Forest: the story of Little John and Robin Hood
Capetta, Amu The Brilliant Death *1) The Brilliant Death 2) The Storm of Life
Card, Orson Scott Ender (in order of publication) *(1) Ender's Game
*(2) Speaker for the Dead
*(3) Xenocide
*(4) Children of the Mind
*(5) Ender's Shadow
*(6) Shadow of the Hegemon
*(7) Shadow Puppets
*(8) Shadow of the Giant
*(9) Ender in Exile
Carman, Patrick The Land of Elyon *1 Dark Hills Divide (KMS) *2 Beyond the Valley of Thorns (KMS) *3 The Tenth City (KMS)

4 Into the Mist

Carter, Ally
Gallagher Girls *(1) I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You
(2) Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
*(3) Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover (4) Only the Good Spy Young (5) Out of Sight, Out of Time

(6) United We Spy

Carter, Ally Heist Society (1) Heist Society (2) Uncommon Criminals *(3) Perfect Scoundrels
Cashore, Kristin Graceling *(1) Graceling
*(2) Fire *(3) Bitterblue
Cass, Kiera The Selection *1 The Selection *2 The Elite *3 The One

*4 The Heir

*5 The Crown

Cast, P.C. House of Night *(1) Marked
*(2) Betrayed
*(3) Chosen
*(4) Untamed
*(5) Hunted
*(6) Tempted *(7) Burned *(8) Awakened

*(9) Destined

*(10) Hidden

(11) Revealed

(12) Redeemed

Cavallaro, Brittany Charlotte Holmes Novel *1 A Study in Charlotte *2 The Last of August *3 The Case for Jamie

*4 A Question of Holms

Cervantes, J.C. Storm Runner *1) Storm Runner 2) Fire Keeper 3) The Shadow Crosser
Chastain, Emma Chloe Snow *1 Chloe Winter’s Diary: The Confessions of a High School Disaster *2 The Year of Living Awkwardly 3 Notes from a Former Virgin
Chima, Cinda Williams Seven Realms *1 The Demon King *2 The Exiled Queen *3 The Gray Wolf Throne

*4 The Crimson Crown

Chima, Cinda Williams The Heir Chronicles *1 The Warrior Heir *2 The Wizard Heir 3 The Dragon Heir

*4 The Enchanter Heir

5 The Sorcerer

Chokshi, Rashani Aru Shah *1) Aru Shah and the End of Time *2) Aru Shah and the Song of Death 3) Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes

4) Aru Shah and the City of Gold

Choldenko, Gennifer Tales from Alcatraz *(1) Al Capone Does My Shirts
*(2) Al Capone Shines My Shoes *(3) Al Capone Does My Homework *(4) Al Capone Throws Me a Curve
Chupeco, Rin Bone With *1) The Bone Witch *2) Heart Forged *3) The Shadowglass
Clancy, Tom Jack Ryan 1 Without Remorse *2.Patriot Games 3.Red Rabbit

*4.The Hunt for Red October

5.The Cardinal of Kremlin

*6.Clear and Present Danger

7.The Sum of All Fears

*8.Debt of Honor

9.Executive Orders

*10.Rainbow Six

*11.The Bear and the Dragon

*12.The Teeth of the Tiger

Clancy, Tom Net Force *1.Net Force *2. Hidden Agendas 3.Night Moves

4.Breaking Point

5.Point of Impact


7. State of War

*8.Changing of the Guard


10.The Archimedes Effect

Clancy, Tom Net Force Explorers *(1) Virtual Vandal
*(2) The Deadliest Game
(3) One Is the Loneliest Number
*(4) The Ultimate Escape
(5) The Great Race
(6) End Game
(7) Cyberspy
(8) Shadow of Honor
(9) Private Lives
(10) Safe House
*(11) Gameprey
(12) Duel Identity
(13) Deathworld
(14) High Wire
(15) Cold Case
(16) Runaways
(17) Cloak and Dagger
(18) Death Match
Clancy, Tom Op Center *1.Op Center *2.Mirror Image 3.Games of State

*4.Acts of War

5.Balance of Power

6.State of Siege

7.Divide and Conquer

8.Line of Control

9.Mission of Honor

10.Sea of Fire

11.Call to Treason

12.War of Eagles

Clancy, Tom Splinter Cell *1.Splinter Cell NOT AR *2.Operation Barracuda NOT AR *3.Checkmate NOT AR

*4.Fall Out NOT AR



Clare, Cassandra The Dark Artifices *1 Lady Midnight *2 Lord of Shadows *3 Queen of Air and Darkness
Clare, Cassandra The Infernal Devices *1. Clockwork Angel *2. Clockwork Prince *3. Clockwork Princess
Clare, Cassandra Mortal Instruments *1 City of Bones *2 City of Ashes *3 City of Glass

*4 City of Fallen Angles

*5 City of Lost Souls

*6 City of Heavenly Fire

Clark, Carol Higgins Regan Reilly 1 Decked *2 Snagged 3 Iced

4 Twanged

*5 Deck the Halls

6 Fleeced

7 Jinxed

8 Popped

9 The Christmas Thief

10 Burned

11 Hitched

12 Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea

13 Laced

14 Zapped

15 Dashing Through the Snow

16 Cursed

Clayton, Emma The Roar! *1 The Roar *2 The Whipser
Coben, Harlan Mickey Bolitar *1 Shelter *2 Seconds Away 3 Found
Colfter, Eion Artemis Fowl *1 Artemis Fowl (KMS) *2 Artic Incident (KMS) *3 eternity Code (KMS)

*4 Opal Deception (KMS)

5 Lost Colony

*6 Time Paradox (KMS)

*7 Atlantis Complex (KMS)

*8 Last Guardian (KMS)

Colfter, Eion W.A.R.P. *1 Reluctant Assassin *2 Hangman’s Revolution 3 The Forever Man
Collins, Max Allan CSI: Crime Scene Investigation *1. Double Dealer *2. Sin City *3. Cold Burn

*4. Miami:Florida Getaway

5. Body of Evidence (LOST)

*6. Miami:Heat Wave

*7. Grave Matters

*8. Binding Ties

9. Killing Game

10. Snake Eyes

Collins, Suzanne Gregor: Underland Chronicles *1 Gregor the Overlander *2 Gregor & Prophecy of Bone *3 Gregor & the Curse of the Warmbloods

*4 Gregor & the Mark of Secret

*5 Gregor &the Code of Claw

Collins, Suzanne Hunger Games *(1) The Hunger Games
*(2) Catching Fire *(3) Mockingjay
Condie, Alley Matched *1 Matched *2 Crossed *3 Reached
Connolly, Tina Seriously Wicked *1 Seriously Wicked *2 Seriously Shifted *3 Seriously Hexed
Cooney, Caroline Janie *(1) Face on the Milk Carton
*(2) Whatever Happened to Janie
*(3) The Voice on the Radio
*(4) What Janie Found (5) Janie Face to Face
Cooney, Caroline Time Travel *(1) Both Sides of Time
*(2) Out of Time
*(3) Prisoner of Time
*(4) For All Time
Cooper, Michelle The Montmaray Journals *1 A Brief History of Montmaray (KMS) *2 The FitzOsborn in Exile *3 The FitzOsborn at War
Cooper, Susan Dark Is Rising *(1) Over Sea, Under Stone (KMS)
*(2) The Dark is Rising (KMS)
*(3) Greenwitch (KMS)
*(4) The Grey King (KMS)
(5) Silver on the Tree
Cormier, Robert Chocolate War *(1) The Chocolate War
*(2) Beyond the Chocolate War
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe Sharpe's Skirmish
A short story
Cornwell Sharpe's ChristmasTwo short stories Sharpe’s Story

*1.Sharpe’s Tiger

*2.Sharpe’s Triumph

3.Sharpe’s Fortress

4.Sharpe’s Trafalgar

5.Sharpe’s Prey

6.Sharpe’s Rifles

7. Sharpe’s Havoc

8. Sharpe’s Eagle

9. Sharpe’s Gold

10. Sharpe’s Escape

11. Sharpe’s Fury

*12. Sharpe’s Battle

13. Sharpe’s Company

14. Sharpe’s Sword

15. Sharpe’s Enemy

16. Sharpe’s Honour

17. Sharpe’s Regiment

18. Sharpe’s Siege

19. Sharpe’s Revenge

20. Sharpe’s Waterloo

*21. Sharpe’s Devil

Cornwell, Bernard Grail Quest *1.The Archer’s Tale *2.Vagabond *3.Heretic

4. 1356

Coyle, Katie Vivian Apple at the End of the World *1. Vivian Apple at the End of the World *2 Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle
Cremer, Andrea Rift (Prequel to Nightshade) 1 Rift *2 Rise *3 Snakeroot
Cremer, Andrea Nighshade Trilogy *1.Nightshade *2.Wolfsbane *3.Bloodrose
Crossley-Holland, Kevin Arthur Trilogy *(1) The Seeing Stone (KMS)
*(2) At the Crossing Places (KMS)
(3) King of the Middle March
D’Lacey, Chris The Last Dragon *1 The Fire Within (KMS) *2 Icefire (KMS) *3 Fire Star (KMS)

*4 The Fire Eternal (KMS)

*5 Dark Fire

* 6 Fire World (KMS)

*7 The Fire Ascending (KMS)

Daneshvaria, Gitty Monster High 1 Ghoulfriends Forever 2 Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun 3 Who’s That Ghoulfriend?

*4 Ghoulfriend “Til the End

Dao, Julie Rise of the Empress *1 Forest of a 1000 Lanterns *2 Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix
Dashner, James Maze Runner *1 The Maze Runner *2 The Scorch Trials *3 The Death Cure

*4 The Kill Order (Origin)

*5 Fever Code (Prequel) (KMS)

Dashner, James Mortality Doctrine *1 Eye of Minds *2 Rule of Thoughts *3 The Game of Lives
David, Keren When I was Joe *1 When I was Joe 2 Almost There 3 Another Life
De Fombelle, Timothee Vango *1 Vango *2 Prince without a Kingdom
De La Pena, Matt The Living *1 The Living *2 The Hunted
Deacon, Alexis Geis *1 Matter of Life & Death 2 A Game without Rules
Derting, Kimberly The Body Finder Novel *1 The Body Finder 2 Desires of the Dead *3 Last Echo

* Dead Silence

DeStafano, Lauren The Chemical Garden Trilogy *1 Wither *2 Fever *3 Sever
Dolamore, Jaclyn Magic Under *1 Magic Under Glass *2 Magic Under Stone
Donnelly, Jennifer Waterfire Saga *1 Deep Blue *2 Rogue Wave *3 Dark Tide

* 4 Sea Spell

Draper, Sharon The Jericho Trilogy *(1) The Battle of Jericho (KMS)sd
(2) November Blues
(3) Just Another Hero
Draper, Sharon Hazelwood High *(1) Tears of a Tiger
*(2) Forged by Fire
(3) Darkness Before Dawn
Dunkle, Clare Hollow Kingdom Trilogy *(1) Hollow Kingdom
*(2) Close Kin
*(3) In The Coils of the Snake
Duprau, Jeanne Books of Ember *(1) City of Ember
*(2) The People of Sparks
*(3) The Prophet of Yonwood
*(4) The Diamond of Darkhold
Eames, Brian Dagger Chronicles *1 The Dagger Quick *2 Dagger X
Elliott, Kate Court of Fives *1 Court of Fives 2 Poisoned Blade *3 Buried Heart

4 Bright Thrones (Novella)

5 Night Fowler (Novella)

Ellis, Deborah Breadwinner *(1) The Breadwinner
*(2) Parvana's Journey
(3) Mud City
Evans, Richard Paul Michael Vey *1 Prisoner of Cell 25 *2 Rise of the Elgen *3 Battle of the Ampere

*4 Hunt for Jade Dragon

*5 Storm of Lightning

*6 Fall of hades

*7 Final Spark

Ewing, Lynne Daughters of the Moon *1 Goddess of the Night *2 Into the Cold Fire *3 Night Shade

*4 The Secret Scroll

*5 The Sacrifice

*6 The Lost One

*7 Moon Demon

*8 Possession

*9 The Choice

*10 The Talisman

*11 The Prophecy

*12 The Becoming

*13 The Final Eclipse

Ewing, Lynne Sisters of Isis *1. The Summoning *2. Divine One *3. Enchantress

*4. The Haunting

Ewing, Lynne Sons of the Dark *1. Barbarian *2. Escape *3. Outcast

4. Night Sun

Farmer, Nancy The House of the Scorpion *1 The House of Scorpion *2 The Lord of the Opium
Farmer, Nancy Sea of Trolls *(1) The Sea of Trolls
*(2) The Land of the Silver Apples
(3) Islands of the Blessed
Feinstein, John The Sports Beat *(1) Last Shot
(2) Vanishing Act
*(3) Cover-Up
*(4) Change-Up *(5) The Rivalry
Ferris, Jean Once Upon a Marigold *(1) Once Upon a Marigold
*(2) Twice Upon a Marigold (KMS) *(3) Thrice Upon a Marigold
Fforde, Jasper The Chronicles of Kazam *1 The Last Dragonslayer *2 The Song of the Quarkbeast *3 The Eye of Zoltar
Finn, Katie Top 8 *1 Round Up the Usual Profiles *2 What’s Your Status? *3 Unfriend
Fisher, Catherine Chronoptika *1 Obsidian Mirror *2 Slanted Worlds *3 Door in the Mirror

4 The Box of Red Brocade

Fisher, Catherine Incarceron *1. Incarceron *2.Sapphique
Fisher, Catherine Relic Master *1.The Dark City *2.The Lost Heiress *3.The Hidden Coronet

*4.The Margrave

Fitzpatrick, Becca Hush Hush Saga 1.Hush Hush *2.Crescendo *3.Silence


Flanagan, John Brotherband Chronicles *1 The Outcats *2. The Invaders *3 The Hunters

*4 Slaves of Soccrro (KMS)

*5 Scorpion Mountains (KMS)

*6 The Ghostfaces (KMS)

7 The Caldera

Flanagan, John Ranger’s Apprentice *1. The Ruins of Gorlan (KMS) *2. The Burning Bridge(KMS) *3. The Icebound Land (KMS)

*4. The Battle for Skandia (KMS)

*5. The Sorcerer of the North (KMS)

*6. The Siege of Macindaw (KMS)

*7. Erak’s Ransom (KMS)

*8. The Kings of Clonmel (KMS)

*9. Halt’s Peril (KMS)

*10 The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (KMS)

*11 The Lost Stories (KMS)

*12 Royal Rangers

Flavin, Teresa Blackhope Trilogy *1 Blackhope Enigma *2 Crimson Shard 3 The Shadow Lantern
Flinn, Alex Breathing Underwater *(1) Breathing Underwater
(2) Diva
Flinn, Alex The Kendra chronicles *1 Beastly *2 Bewitching 3 Lindy’s Diary

4 Mirrored

Foon, Dennis Longlight Legacy Trilogy *(1) Dirt Eaters
*(2) Freewalker
(3) The Keeper's Shadow
Forman, Gayle If I Stay *1. If I Stay *2.Where She Went
Frey, James Endgame *1 The Calling *2 Sky Key *3 Rules of the Game
Fukuda, Andrew The Hunt *1 The Hunt *2 The Prey *3 The Trap
Funke, Cornelia Inkheart *(1) Inkheart
*(2) Inkspell
*(3) Inkdeath
Funke, Cornelia Mirrorworld *1 Reckless *2 Fearless 3 The Golden Yarn
Gantos, Jack Joey Pigza *(1) Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
*(2) Joey Pigza Loses Control
*(3) What Would Joey Do?
*(4) I Am Not Joey Pigza
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret Beautiful Creatures 1.Beautiful Creatures (LOST) *2.Beautiful Darkness *3.Beautiful Chaos

*4 Beautiful Redemption

Dream Dark (Kindle book)

Gardner, Sally The Red Necklace *(1) The Red Necklace
*(2) The Silver Blade
Gidwitz, Adam A Tale Dark and Grim *1 A Tale Dark and Grimm *2 In a Glass grimly 3 The Grimm Conclusion
Gier, Kerstin Ruby Red Trilogy *1 Ruby Red *2 Sapphire Blue *3 Emerald Green
Gigi, D.G. Cucumber Quest *1 Doughnut Kingdom *2 Ripple Kingdom *3 Melody Kingdom

*4 Flower Kingdom

Gleitzman, Morris Once Series *1 Once *2 Then 3 Now

*4 After

*5 Soon

Goodman, Alison Eon *(1) Dragoneye Reborn *(2) Eona
Gordon, Roderick Tunnels *(1) Tunnels
*(2) Deeper *(3) Freefall *(4) Closer

*(5) Spiral

(6) Terminal

Grant, K.M. De Granville Trilogy *(1) Blood Red Horse
*(2) Green Jasper
(3) Blaze of Silver
Grant, Michael Gone Series *1.Gone *2. Hunger *3. Lies

*4. Plague

*5 Fear

*6 Light

Graudin, Ryan Wolf by Wolf *1 Wolf by Wolf *2 Blood for Blood
Gray, Claudia Defy the Stars *1 Defy the stars *2 Defy the Worlds 3 Defy the Fates
Green, Sally Half Bad *1 Half Bad *2 Half Wild *3 Half Lost
Green, Tim Football Genius 1.Football Genius
*2.Football Hero
*3.Football Champ 4.The Big Time *5.Deep Zone

6 Perfect Season

Green, Tim Baseball Great (1) Baseball Great *(2) Rivals (3) The Best of the Best

(4) Home Run

Grisham, John Theodore Boone Series *1.Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer *2.Theodore Boone: The Abduction *3 Theodore Boone: The Accused

4 Theodore Boone: The Activist

5 Theodore Boone: The Fugitive

6 Theodore Boone: The Scandal

7 Theodore Boone: The Accomplice

Grove, S.E. Map Makers Triology 1 Glass Sentence *2 Golden Specific *3 Crimson Skew
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Children of Exile *1 Children of Exile *2 Children of Refuge *3 Children of Jubilee
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Greystone Secrets *1) Strangers 2) The Deceivers 3) The Messengers
Haddix, Margaret Peterson The Palace Chronicles *(1) Just Ella
(2) Palace of Mirrors (3) Palace of Lies
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Missing *1.Found *2.Sent *3.Sabotaged


*5 Caught

*6 Risked

7 Revealed

*8 Redeemed

Haddix, Margaret Peterson Shadow Children *(1) Among the Hidden
*(2) Among the Impostors
*(3) Among the Betrayed
*(4) Among the Barons
*(5) Among the Brave
*(6) Among the Enemy
*(7) Among the Free
Hahn, Chanda Unfortunate Fairytale *1. UnEnchanted (Kindle) *2 Fairest (Kindle) *3 Fable (Kindle)

*4 Reign (Kindle)

*5 Forever (NOT AR) Kindle

Hale, Nathan Nathan’s Hale’s Hazardous Tales (Graphic Novel) *1 One Dead Spy *2 Big Bad Ironclad *3 Donner Dinner Party

*4 Treaties Trenches, Mud * Blood

*5 The Underground Abductor

*6 Alamo All Stars

*7 Raid of No Return

8 Lafayette!

9 Major Impossible

Han, Jenny To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before *1 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before *2 P.S. I Still Love You *3 Always & Forever, Lara Jean
Han, Jenny Burn for Burn *1 Burn for Burn *2 Fire and Fire *3 Ashes to Ashes
Han, Jenny The Summer I Turned Pretty *1 The Summer I Turned Pretty *2 It’s not Summer without You *3 We’ll always have Summer
Hand, Cynthia Unearthly *1 Unearthly *2 Hallowed 3 Boundless
Harris, M.G. Joshua Files *1 Invisible City *2 Ice Moment *3 Zero Moment

4 Dark Parallel

5 Apocalypse Moon

Harrison, Lisi The Clique Series 1.The Clique 2.Best Friends for Never 3.The Revenge of the Wannabes

*4.Invasion of the Boy Snatchers (KMS)

5.The Pretty Committee Strikes Back

6.Dial L for Loser

7.It’s Not Easy Being Mean

*8.Sealed with a Diss (KMS)

*9.Bratfest at Tiffany’s

10.P.S. I Loathe You

11.Boys R Us

12.These Books are Made for Stalking

13. My Little Phony

14.A Tale of Two Pretties

15. Massie

16. Dylan

17. Alicia

18. Kristen


20.Charmed & Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee

Hart, Alison Racing to Freedom Trilogy *(1) Gabriel's Horses
*(2) Gabriel's Triumph *(3) Gabriel’s Journey
Hautman, Pete Klaatu Diskos *1 The Obsidian Blade *2 The Cydonian Pyramid *3 The Klaatu Terminus
Hautman, Pete Stone Cold (1) Stone Cold
*(2) All-In
Hawkins, Rachel Hex Hall Series *1 Hex Hall *2 Demon Glass *3 Spell Bound

*4 School Spirits

Hearn, Lian Tales of the OTORI *1.Across the Nightingale Floor *2.Grass for His Pillow *3.Brilliance of the Moon

4.The Harsh Cry of the Heron

5.Heaven’s Net is Wide

Henry, April Girl, Stolen *1 Girl, Stolen *2 Count All Her Bones
Henry, April A Point Last Seen *1 Body in the Woods *2 Blood Will Tell
Herbach, Geoff Felton Reinstein Trilogoy *1 Stupid Fast *2 Nothing Special *3 I’m with Stupid
Herbert, Frank DUNE (Classic) *1 DUNE *2 Dune Messiah *3.Children of Dune

*4.God Emperor of Dune

*5 .Heretics of Dune


*7. Dune House Harkonnen (prelude)

Higson, Charles The Enemy Series *1.The Enemy *2.The Dead 3.The Fear

4. The Sacrifice

5. The Fallen

6. The Hunted

7. The End

Hill, Stuart Icemark Chronicles *(1) The Cry of the Icemark
(2) Blade of Fire (3) Last Battle of the Icemark (4) The Prince of the Icemark
Hillerman, Tony Navajo Mysteries 1.The Shape Shifters 2. Skeleton Man 3. The Sinister Pig

4. The Wailing Wind

5. Hunting Badger

6.The First Eagle

7.The Fallen Man

*8. Sacred Clowns

9. Coyote Waits

10. Talking God

11. A Thief of Time

12. Skinwalkers

13. The Ghost Way

14. The Dark Wind

15. People of the Darkness

16 Listening Woman

*17. Dance Hall of the Dead

*18. The Blessing Way

Hobbs, Will Bearstone *(1) Bearstone
*(2) Beardance
Hobbs, Will Downriver *(1) Downriver
(2) River Thunder
Hobbs, Will Jason's Gold *(1) Jason's Gold
*(2) Down The Yukon
Hoffman, Mary Stravaganza *(1) City of Masks
*(2) City of Stars
*(3) City of Flowers
(4) City of Secrets (5) City of Ships (6) City of Swords
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Red Heart of Memories (in order of publication) (1) Red Heart of Memories
(2) Past the Size of Dreaming
*(3) A Stir of Bones
Holm, Jennifer Boston Jane *(1) Boston Jane
(2) Boston Jane: Wilderness Days
(3) Boston Jane: The Claim
Holm, Jennifer The 14th Goldfish *1) The 14th Goldfish *2) The 3rd Mushroom
Holm, Jennifer Stuff *1 Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf (KMS) *2 Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick
Hoobler, Dorothy The Samurai Mysteries *(1) Ghost in the Tokaido Inn
*(2) Demon in the Teahouse (KMS)
(3) In Darkness, Death
(4) The Sword That Cut The Burning Grass
*(5) A Samurai Never Fears Death
*(6) Seven Paths to Death
Hopkins, Cathy Mates, Dates *(1) Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras
*(2) Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses *(3) Mates, Dates and Designer Divas
*(4) Mates, Dates and Sleepover Secrets
*(5) Mates, Dates and Sole Survivors
*(6) Mates, Dates and Mad Mistakes
*(7) Mates, Dates and Sequin Smiles
(8) Mates, Dates and Tempting Trouble
(9) Mates, Dates and Great Escapes
(10) Mates, Dates and Chocolate Cheats
(11) Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny
(12) Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers
Horowitz, Anthony Alex Rider Adventures *(1) Stormbreaker
*(2) Point Blank *(3) Skeleton Key
*(4) Eagle Strike
*(5) Scorpia
*(6) Ark Angel *(7) Snakehead
*(8) Crocodile Tears

*(9) Scorpia Rising

(10) Russian Roulette

(11) Never Say Die

Horowitz, Anthony Gatekeepers *(1) Raven's Gate
*(2) Evil Star
*(3) Nightrise
*(4) Necropolis *(5) Oblivion
Howe, Norma Blue Avenger *(1) The Adventures of the Blue Avenger
(2) Blue Avenger Cracks the Code
(3) Blue Avenger and the Theory of Everything
Hunter, Erin Warriors: The new Prophecy *1 Midnight (KMS) *2 Moonrise (KMS) *3 Dawn (KMS)

* Starlight (KMS)

5 Twilight

6 Sunset

Huntington, Geoffrey Ravenscliff *(1) Sorcerers of the Nightwing
*(2) Demon Witch (3) Blood Moon
Hurwin, Davida Willis Time for Dancing (1) A Time for Dancing
*(2) The Farther You Run
Jacques, Brian Redwall *1.Redwall ALL at KMS *2.Mossflower *3.Mattimeo

*4.Mariel of Redwall


*6.Martin the Warrior

*7.The Bellmaker

*8.Outcast of Redwall

*9.The Pearls of Lutra

*10 The Long Patrol

*11 Marlfox

*12 The Legend of Luke

*13 Lord Brocktree

*14 The Taggerung

*15 Triss

*16 Loamhedge

17 Rakkety Tam

18 High Rhulain

19 Eulalia!

*20 Doomwyte

21 The Sable Queen

22 The Rogue Crew

Jinks, Catherine Evil Genius *(1) Evil Genius
(2) Genius Squad (3) The Genius Wars
Johnson, Angela Heaven *(1) Heaven
*(2) First Part Last
(3) Sweet, Hereafter
Johnson, Maureen Shades of London *1 Name of Star *2 Madness Underneath *3 Shadow Cabinet
Johnson, Maureen Truly Devious 1) Truly Devious *2) The Vanishing Stairs 3) Hound on the Wall
Johnson, Terry Lynn Survivor Diaries 1 Overboard! 2 Avalanche! 3 Lost!

*4 Dust Storm!

Jones, Diana Wynne Howl's Moving Castle (1) Howl's Moving Castle
(2) Castle in the Air
*(3) House of Many Ways
Jonsberg, Barry Crimes and Punishments of Miss Payne *(1) The Crimes and Punishments of Miss Payne
(2) Am I Right or Am I Right?
Jordan, Sherryl Secret Sacrament *(1) Secret Sacrament
(2) Time of the Eagle
Juby, Susan Alice, I Think *(1) Alice, I Think
(2) Miss Smithers
(3) Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last
Kagawa, Julie Blood of Eden *1 The Immortal Rules *2 The Eternity Cure *3 Forever Song

4 Dawn of Eden

Kagawa, Julie Iron Fey Series *1.The Iron King 1.5.Winter’s Passage *2.The Iron Daughter

*3.The Iron Queen

3.5.Summer’s Crossing

*4.The Iron Knight

Kate, Lauren Fallen *1 Fallen *2 Torment *3 Passion

*4 Rapture

Kaufman, Amie The Illumaninae Files *1 Illumaninae *2 Gemina *3 Obsidio
Kay, Elizabeth Divide *(1) The Divide
*(2) Back to the Divide
*(3) Jinx on the Divide
Kazu, Kibuishi Explorer (Graphic Novel) *1The Mystery Boxes *2 The Lost Island 3 The Hidden Doors
Kelton, Elmer Texas Ranger *1.The Buckskin Line *2.Badger Boy 3.The Way of the Coyote

4.Ranger’s Trail

5.Texas Vendetta

6.Jericho’s Road

7.Hard Trail to Follow

8.Captain’s Rangers

9 Lone Star Rising

9.5 Ranger’s Law

10 Other Men’s Horses

11 Texas Standoff

Kenyon, Sherrilyn Chronicles of Nick *1 Infinity *2 Invincible *3 Infamous

*4 Inferno

*5 Illusion

*6 Instinct

*7 Invision

8 Intensity (Dec 201*)

Kibuishi, Kazu Amulet (Graphic Novel) *1 The Stonekeeper *2 Stonekeeper’s Curse *3 The Cloud Searchers

*4 The Last Council

*5 Prince of the Elves

*6 Escape from Lucien

7 Firelight

8 Supernova

Kincaid, S.J. Insignia *1 Insignia *2 Vortex 3 Catalyst
King, Stephen Dark Tower *1.Gunslinger *2.The Drawing of the Three *3.The Waste Lands

*4.Wizard and Glass

*5.Wolves of the Calla

*6.Song of Susannah

*7.The Dark Tower

King, Wesley The Vindico *1 The Vindico *2 The Feros
Kinney, Jeff Diary of a Wimpy Kid *1.Diary of a Wimpy Kid *2.Roderick Rules *3.The Last Straw

*4.Dog Days

*5.The Ugly Truth

*6.Cabin Fever

*7 The Third Wheel

*8 Hard Luck

*9 The Long Haul

*10 Old School

*11 Double Down

*12 The Getaway

*13 The Meltdown

*14 Wrecking Ball

Kittredge, Caitlin The Iron Codex *1 The Iron Thorn 2 The Nightmare Garden 3 The Mirrored Shard
Klass, David Caretaker Trilogy *(1) Firestorm
(2) Whirlwind
(3) Timelock
Klavan, Andrew Homelanders *1.The Last Thing I Remember *2.The Long Way Home *3.The Truth of the Matter

*4.The Final Hour

Knox, Elizabeth Dreamhunter Duet *(1) Dreamhunter
*(2) Dreamquake
Koertge, Ron Stoner & Spaz 1 Stoner & Spaz (LOST) *2 Now Playing Stoner & Spaz II
Koontz, Dean Odd Thomas *1 Odd Thomas *2 Forever Odd *3 Brother Odd

4 Odd Hours

5 Odd Apocalypse

6 Odd Interlude

7 Deeply Odd

8 Saint Odd

Koontz, Dean Frankenstein *1.Prodigal Son *2.City of Night 3.Dead and Alive

4. Lost Souls

5. The Dead Town

Korman, Gordon Son of the Mob *(1) Son of the Mob
(2) Hollywood Hustle
Korman, Gordon Swindle *1.Swindle KMS *2.Zoobreak KMS *3.Framed KMS

*4.Show Off KMS

*5 Hideout KMS

*6 Jackpot

*7 Unleashed KMS

*8 Jingle

Kostick, Conor The Avatar Chronicles *(1) Epic
*(2) Saga (3) Edda
Krumwiede, Lana PSI Chronicles *1 Freakling *2 Archon *3 True Son
L’Amour, Louis The Sacketts In Order best to read: *Sackett’s Land *To the Far Blue Mountains

*The Warrior’s Path

*Jubal Sackett

*Ride the River

*The Daybreakers

The Courting of Griselda (short story in “End of the Drive”)



*Booty for a Badman (short story in “War Party”)

*Mojave Crossing

*The Sackett Brand

*The Sky-liners

*The Lonely Men

*Mustang Man


*Treasure Mountain

*Ride the Dark Trail

*Lonely on the Mountain

Lackey, Mercedes Valdemar (1) Arrows of the Queen
(2) Arrow's Flight
(3) Arrow's Fall
(4) By the Sword
*(5) Take a Thief
*(6) Exile's Honor
(7) Exile's Valor
Lafevers, Robin His Fair Assassin *1 Grave Mercy *2 Dark Triumph *3 Mortal Heart
Lagos, Alexander The Sons of Liberty Graphic Novel *1 The Sons of Liberty *2 Death & Taxes
Lahaye, Tim and Jerry Jenkins Left Behind (Prequel) The Rising (Prequel) The Regime (Prequel)The Rapture

*1 Left Behind

*2 Tribulation Force

*3 Nicolae

4 Soul Harvest

5 Apollyn

6 Assasins

7 The Indwelling

8 The Mark

9 Desecration

10 The Remnant

11 Armageddon

12 Glorious Appearing

13 Kingdom Come

Lane, Andrew Sherlock Holmes the Legend Begins *1 Death Cloud *2 Rebel Fire *3 Black Ice

*4 Fire Storm

*5 Snake Bite

*6 Knife Edge

Larbalestier, Justine Magic or Madness *(1) Magic or Madness
*(2) Magic Lessons
*(3) Magic's Child
Lasky, Kathryn Guardians of Ga’Hoole *1.The Capture (KMS) *2.The Journey *3.The Rescue

*4.The Siege

*5.The Shattering

*6.The Burning

7.The Hatching

8.The Outcast

9.The First Collier

10.The Coming of Ga’Hoole

11.To Be a King

12. The Golden Tree

13.The River of Wind


15.The War of the Ember (FINAL BOOK)

16.A Guide Book to the Great Tree

17.Lost Tales of Ga’Hoole

Lawrence, Caroline P.K. Pinkerton *1 P.K. Pinkerton & the Case of the Deadly Desperados *2 P.K. Pinkerton & the Petrified man *3 P.K. Pinkerton &the Pistol-Packing Widows

4 P.K. Pinkerton & the Case of the Bogus Detective

Lawrence, Iain Curse of the Jolly Stone *(1) The Convicts
*(2) The Cannibals
*(3) The Castaways
Lawrence, Iain High Seas Trilogy *(1) The Wreckers
*(2) The Smugglers
(3) The Buccaneers
Lawrence, Theo Mystic City *1 Mystic City 2 Toxic Heart (NOT AR)
Laybourne, Emmy Monument 14 *1 Monument 14 *2 Sky on Fire *3 Savage Drift
LeGrande, Claire The Empirium Triology *1 Furyborn 2 Kingsbane 3 Lightbringer
LeGuin, Ursula K.
Earthsea Cycle *(1) Wizard of Earthsea
*(2) Tombs of Atuan
*(3) Farthest Shore
*(4) Tehanu
*(5) The Other Wind
(6) Tales from Earthsea (short stories)
LeGuin, Ursula K. Annals of the Western Shore *(1) Gifts
(2) Voices
*(3) Powers
L'Engle, Madeleine Murry Family Series *(1) Wrinkle in Time
*(2) Wind in the Door
*(3) Swiftly Tilting Planet
*(4) Many Waters (5) An Acceptable Time
Lerangis, Peter Seven Wonders *1 The Colossus Rises *2 Lost in Babylon 3 The Tomb of Shadows

4 Curse of the King

5 Legend of the Rift

Levithan, David Every Day *1 Every Day 2 Anotehr Day *3 Someday
Lewis, Beverly The Courtship of Nellie Fisher *1 The Parting *2 The Forbidden *3 The Longing
Lewis, C.S. Chronicles of Narnia (in order of publication) *(1) Magician's Nephew (KMS) *(2) The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
*(3) Horse and His Boy (KMS)
*(4) Prince Caspian (KMS)
*(5) Voyage of the Dawn Treader (KMS)
*(6) Silver Chair (KMS)
*(7) Last Battle
Lewis, John March (Graphic Novel) *1 March: Book One *2 March: Book Two *3 March: Book Three
Lipsyte, Robert Contender *(1) The Contender
*(2) The Brave
*(3) The Chief (4) Warrior Angel
Lockhart, E. Ruby Oliver *(1) The Boyfriend List
*(2) The Boy Book
*(3) The Treasure Map of Boys *(4) Real Live Boyfriends
London, C Alexander The Wild Ones *1 The Wild Ones *2 Moonlight Brigade 3 The Great Escape
Lore, Pittacus Lorien Legacy *1.I Am Number Four *2.The Power of Six *3 The Rise of Nine

*4 The Fall of Five

*5 Revenge of Seven

*6 Fate of Ten

*7 United as One

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files-Six’s Legacy (Kindle book)

Lorentz, Dayna No Safety in #’s *1 No Safety in Numbers 2 No Easy Way Out (LOST) *3 No Dawn w/out Darkness
Lowry, Lois Giver *(1) The Giver
*(2) Gathering Blue
*(3) Messenger *(4) The Son
Lu, Marie Legend *1 Legend *2 Prodigy *3 Champion

4 Rebel

Lu, Marie Warcross *1 Warcross *2 Wildcard
Lu, Marie Young Elites *1 Young Elites *2 Rose Society *3 The Midnight Star
Lubar, David Hidden Talents *(1) Hidden Talents
*(2) True Talents
Ludlum, Robert-first 3 books
VanLustbader, Eric did next 4.
Bourne *1.Bourne Identity *2.Bourne Supremacy *3.Bourne Ultimatum

4.Bourne Legacy

5.Bourne Betrayal

6.Bourne Sanction NOT AR

7.Bourne Deception NOT AR

Lupica, Mike Home Team *1 The Only Game *2 The Extra Yard (KMS) *3 Point Guard

*4 Team Players

Lupica, Mike Travel Team *(1) Travel Team *(2) Summer Ball
Lynch, Chris Vietnam *1 I Pledge Allegiance *2 Sharpshooter 3 Free-Fire-Zone

*4 Casualties of War

5 Walking Wounded

Lyons, Mary Letters from a Slave Girl *1. Letters from a Slave Girl: the story of Harriet Jacobs
*2. Letters from a Slave Boy: the story of Joseph Jacobs
Maas, Sarah Court of Thorns & Roses *1 Court of Thorns & Roses 2 Court of Misty Fury NOT AR 3 Court of Wings and Ruin

4 Court of Silver Flames (2021)

Maas, Sarah Throne of Glass (Prequel) The Assassin’s Blade *1 Throne of Glass *2 Crown of Midnight

*3 Heir of Fire

*4 Queen of Shadows

*5 Empire of Storms

*6 Tower of Dawn

*7 Kingdom of Ash

Maberry, Jonathan Rot & Ruin *1 Rot & Ruin *2 Dust & Decay *3 Flesh & Bone

*4 Fire & Ash

5 Bits & Pieces

MacCullough, Carolyn Once a Witch *1 Once a Witch *2 Always a Witch
MacHale, D.J. Morpheus Road *1 The Light *2 The Black *3 The Blood
Mafi, Tahereh Shatter Me *1 Shatter Me (Lost) 1.5 Destroy Me 2 Unravel Me

2.5 Fracture Me

3 Ignite Me
4 Restore Me

5 Defy Me

6 Imagine Me

Maguire, Gregory The Wicked Years *1. Wicked *2. Son of a Witch 3. A Lion Amongst Men

4. Out of Oz

Marchetta, melina Lumatere Chronicles *1 Finnikin of the Rock *2 Froi of the Exiles 3 Quintana of Charyn
Marillier, Juliet Light Isles *Wolfskin *Foxmask
Marillier, Juliet Sevenwaters Trilogy *(1) Daughter of the Forest
*(2) Son of the Shadows
*(3) Child of the Prophecy
Marr, Melissa Wicked Lovely *1 Wicked Lovely
*2 Ink Exchange *3 Fragile Eternity 4 Radiant Shadows

5 Darkest Mercy

Marsden, John Tomorrow *(1) Tomorrow, When the War Began
*(2) The Dead of Night
*(3) The Killing Frost
*(4) Darkness, Be My Friend
*(5) Burning for Revenge
*(6) The Night is for Hunting
*(7) The Other Side of Dawn
Martin, Ann M. Doll People Story 1 Doll People *2 The Meanest Doll (KMS) *3 The Run Away Dolls

4 The Doll People Set Sail

Martin, George Song of Ice & Fire *1 A Game of Thrones *2 A Clash of Kings *3 A Storm of Swords

*4 A Feat for Crows

*5 A Dance with Dragons

Mazer, Harry Boy at War *(1) Boy at War
*(2) A Boy No More
*(3) Heroes Don't Run
McDaniel, Lurlene Angels Trilogy *1.Angels Watching Over Me *2.Lifted Up by Angels *3.Until Angels Close My Eyes
McDaniel, Lurlene Angels in Pink *(1) Kathleen's Story
*(2) Raina's Story *(3) Holly's Story
McDaniel, Lurlene Dawn Rochelle (1) Six Months To Live
*(2) I Want To Live (KMS)
*(3) So Much To Live For (KMS)
*(4) No Time to Cry (KMS)
*(5) To Live Again
McDaniel, Lurlene One Last Wish *(1) Mourning Song
*(2) A Time to Die
*(3) Mother, Help Me Live
(4) Someone Dies, Someone Lives
*(5) Sixteen and Dying
(6) Let Him Live
(7) The Legacy: Making Wishes Come True
(8) Please Don't Die
(9) She Died Too Young
*(10) All the Days of Her Life
*(11) A Season for Goodbye
*(12) Reach For Tomorrow
McKinley, Robin Damar *(1) Blue Sword
*(2) Hero and the Crown
McKissack, Patricia The Clone Codes *1 The Clone Codes *2 Cyborg *3 The Visitors
McMann, Lisa Wake *1 Wake 2 Fade 3 Gone
McMann, Lisa The Unwanteds *1 The Unwanteds *2 Island of Silence *3 Island of Fire

4 Island of Legends

5 Island of Shipwrecks

6 Island of Graves

7 Island of Dragons

McNab, Andy Boy Soldier *(1) Traitor (aka Boy Soldier)
(2) Payback
(3) Avenger
(4) Meltdown
Mead, Richelle Bloodlines *1 The Bloodlines 2 The Golden Lilly 3 The Indigo Spell

4 The Fiery Heart

5 Silver Shadows

6 The Ruby Circle

Mejia, Tehlor We set the dark on fire *1 We Set the Dark on Fire 2 We Unleash the Merciless Storm
Melling, O.R. Chronicles of Faerie (1) The Hunter's Moon
*(2) The Summer King (Lost)
*(3) The Light-Bearer's Daughter
Meloy, Colin The Wildwood Chronicles *1 The Wildwood *2 Under Wildwood 3 Wildwood Imperium
Meloy, Malie The Apothecary *1 The Apothecary *2 The Apprentices *3 After Room
Meyer, Kai Dark Reflections *(1) The Water Mirror
(2) The Stone Light
(3) The Glass Word
Meyer, L.A. Bloody Jack Adventures *1. Bloody Jack
*2. Curse Of The Blue Tattoo
*3. Under The Jolly Roger
*4. In the Belly of the Bloodhound
*5. Mississippi Jack
*6. My Bonny Light Horseman *7. Rapture of the Deep *8. The Wake of the Lorelei Lee

*9. The Mark of the Golden Dragon

10 Viva Jacquelina!

11 Boston Jacky

12 Wild Rover No More

Meyer, Marissa The Lunar Chronicles *1 Cinder *2 Scarlet *3 Cress

*4 Winter

*5 Fairest (Prequel)

Meyer, Stephenie Twilight *(1) Twilight
*(2) New Moon
*(3) Eclipse
*(4) Breaking Dawn (5) Midnight Sun
Mikaelsen, Ben Spirit Bear *(1) Touching Spirit Bear
(2) Ghost of Spirit Bear
Montgomery, L.M. Anne of Green Gables *(1) Anne of Green Gables
*(2) Anne of Avonlea
*(3) Anne of the Island AR
*(4) Anne of Windy Poplars
*(5) Anne's House of Dreams
*(6) Anne of Ingleside
*(7) Rainbow Valley
*(8) Rilla of Ingleside
*(9) Chronicles of Avonlea
*(10) Further Chronicles of Avonlea
Morris, Gerald Squire's Tale *(1) Squire's Tale (aka Squire Terence and the Maiden's Knight)
*(2) The Squire, His Knight and His Lady
*(3) The Savage Damsel and The Dwarf
(4) Parsifal's Page
*(5) Ballad of Sir Dinadan
*(6) The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight (aka Lady Sarah and the Dung-cart Knight)
*(7) The Lioness and her Knight
*(8) The Quest of the Fair Unknown
(9) The Squire's Quest
Moyer, Jojo Me Before You *1 Me Before You *2 After You *3 Still Me
Muchamore, Robert Cherub *1 The Recruit *2 Class A: The Dealer *3 Maximum Security

*4The Killing

*5 Divine madness

*6 Man vs. Beast

*7 The Fall

*8 Mad Dogs

*9 Sleepwalker

*10 The General

*11 Brigands M.C.

*12 Shadow Wave

Muchamore, Robert Cherub Series 2 *1 People’s Republic *2 Guardian Angel *3 Black Friday

*4 Lone Wolf

*5 New Guard

Mull, Brandon Beyonders *1 A World Without Heroes *2 Seeds of Rebellion *3 Chasing The Prophecy
Murdock, Catherine Dairy Queen *(1) Dairy Queen
*(2) The Off Season
*(3) Front and Center
Myers, Walter Dean The Cruisers *1.The Cruisers *2.Checkmate 3. A Star is Born

4. Oh Snap!

Myracle, Lauren Wishing Day *1) Wishing Day *2) The Forgetting Spell *3) The Backward Season
Naidoo, Beverley Other Side of Truth *(1) The Other Side of Truth
(2) Web of Lies
Namioka, Lensey Ties That Bind, Ties That Break *1.Ties That Bind, Ties That Break
*2.An Ocean Apart, A World Away
Napoli, Donna Jo Stones in Water *(1) Stones in Water
(2) Fire in the Hills
Ness, Patrick Chaos Walking *(1) The Knife of Never Letting Go
*(2) The Ask and the Answer (3)Monsters of Men
Nicholson, William Wind on Fire *(1) Wind Singer
*(2) Slaves of the Mastery
*(3) Firesong
Nicholson, William Noble Warriors *1.Seeker *2.Jango *3.Noman
Nielson, Jennifer Ascendance Trilogy *1 The False Prince *2 The Runaway King *3 The Shadow Throne
O’Brien, Caragh M. The Birthmark Triology *1 Birthmarked *2 Prized *3 Promised
O’Conner, George Olympians (Graphic Novels) *1 Zeus *2 Athena *3 Hera

*4 Hades

*5 Poseidon

6 Aphrodite

*7 Ares

8 Apollo

*9 Artemis

10 Hephaistos

11 Hermes

Okorafor, Nnedi Akata Witch Series *1 Akata Witch *2 Akata Warrior
Oliver, Lauren Delirium *1 Delirium *2 Pandemonium *3 Requiem
Older, Davie Jose Shadowshaper Cypher *1 Shadowshaper *2 Shadowhouse Fall 3 Ghost Girl in the Corner (Novella)

4 Dead Light March (Novella)

Onyebuchi, Tochi Beasts Made of Night *1 Beasts Made of night *2 Crown of Thunder
Oppel, Kenneth Airborn *(1) Airborn
*(2) Skybreaker
*(3) Starclimber
Oppel, Kenneth Silverwing *(1) Silverwing (KMS)
*(2) Sunwing (KMS)
*(3) Firewing (KMS)
*(4) Darkwing
Paolini, Christopher Inheritance *(1) Eragon
*(2) Eldest
*(3) Brisingr *(4) Inheritance
Park, Linda Sue Wing & Claw *1 Forest of Wonders *2 Cavern of Secrets 3 Beast of Stone
Patterson, James Alex Cross 1 Along Came a Spider 2 Kiss the Girls 3 Jack & Jill

*4 Cat & Mouse

*5 Pop Goes the Weasel

6 Roses are Red

7 Violets are Blue

8 Five Blind Mice

9 Big Bad Wolf

10 London Bridges

11 Mary Mary

12 Cross

13 Double Cross

14 Cross Country

15 Alex Cross’s Trial

16 I, Alex Cross

17 Cross Fire

18 Kill Alex Cross

19 Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

20 Alex Cross, Run

21 Cross My Heart

22 Hope to Die

23 Cross Justice

24 Cross the Line

25 The People vs. Alex Cross

26 Target

Patterson, James Daniel X *(1) The Dangerous Day of Daniel X *(2) Watch the Skies *(3) Demons and Druids

(4) Game Over

(5) Armageddon

(6) Lights Out

Patterson, James Maximum Ride *(1) The Angel Experiment
*(2) School's Out -- Forever *(3) Saving the World & Other Extreme Sports
*(4) The Final Warning
*(5) Max
*(6) Fang *(7) Angel

*(8) Never More

(9) Ride Forever

Patterson, James Middle School *1 The Worst Years of My Life *2 Get Me Out of Here *3 My Brother is a Big Fat Liar

*4 How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, & Snake Hill

*5 Ultimate Showdown (NOT AR)

*6 Save Rafe!

*7 Just my Rotten Luck (KMS)

*8 Dog’s Best Friend

Patterson, James Witch and Wizard Series *1.Witch and Wizard *2.The Gift *3.The Fire

4 The Kiss

5 The Lost

Patterson, James Witch & Wizard Graphic Novel Series *1.Battle for Shadowland *2.Operation Zero
Patterson, James Women’s Murder Club *1st to Die *2nd Chance *3rd Degree

*4th Of July

*5th Horseman

*6th Target

*7th Heaven

*8th Confession

*9th Judgment

*10th Anniversary

*11th Hour

Pattou, Edith East *1 East *2 West
Paulsen, Gary Hatchet *(1) Hatchet
*(2) The River
*(3) Brian's Winter
*(4) Brian's Return
*(5) Brian's Hunt
Peacock, Shane Boy Sherlock Holmes series *1.Eye of the Crow *2.Death in the Air *3.Vanishing Girl

*4.The Secret Fiend

*5.The Dragon Turn

*6 Becoming Holmes: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His Final Case

Pearson, Mary Remnant Chronicles 1 Kiss of Deception 2 Heart of Betrayal 3. Beauty of Darkness
Pfeffer, Susan Beth Life As We Knew It *1.Life As We Knew It
*2.The Dead and the Gone *3. The World We Live In 4. The Shade of the Moon
Philbin, Joanna The Daughters 1 The Daughters 2 Daughters Break All the Rules 3 Daughters Take the Stage

*4 Daughters Join the Party

Pierce, Tamora Beka Cooper *(1) Terrier
(2) Bloodhound (3) Mastiff
Pierce, Tamora Circle of Magic *(1) Sandry’s Book
*(2) Tris’s Book
*(3) Daja’s Book
*(4) Briar’s Book
Pierce, Tamora Circle Opens *(1) Magic Steps
*(2) Street Magic (KMS)
*(3) Cold Fire
*(4) Shatterglass
Pierce, Tamora Circle Reforged *(1) Will of the Empress
(2) Melting Stones (3) Battle Magic
Pierce, Tamora Daughter of the Lioness *(1) Trickster's Choice
*(2) Trickster's Queen
Pinkwater, Daniel Neddiad *1. The Neddiad
*2. The Yggyssey
Pon, Cindy Want *1) Want *2) Ruse
Pratchett, Terry Johnny Maxwell Trilogy 1 Only You Can Save Mankind 2 Johnny & the Dead *3 Johnny & the Bomb
Priestley, Chris Tom Marlowe *(1) Death and the Arrow
(2) White Rider
(3) Redwulf's Curse
Pullman, Philip Book of Dust *1 The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvague 2 The Books of Dust: The Secret Commonwealth
Pullman, Philip His Dark Materials *(1) Golden Compass
*(2) Subtle Knife
*(3) Amber Spyglass
Purdie, Kathryn Burning Glass *1 Burning Glass *2 Crystal Blade 3 Frozen Reign (Not AR)
Rallison, Janette All's Fair in Love, War and High School *(1) All's Fair in Love, War & High School
(2) Life, Love & the Pursuit of Free Throws
(3) Fame, Glory & Other Things On My To Do List
Reedy, Trent Divided We Fall *1 Divided We Fall *2 Burning Nation *3 Last Full Measure
Rees, Celia Witch Child *(1) Witch Child
*(2) Sorceress
Reeve, Philip Fever Crumb *1.Fever Crumb *2.Web of Air 3.Scrivener’s Moon
Reeve, Philip Hungry City Chronicles *(1) Mortal Engines
*(2) Predator's Gold
*(3) Infernal Devices
*(4) A Darkling Plain
Reichs, Kathy Virals *1 Virals *2 Seizure 3 Code

4 Exposure

5 Terminal

6 Trace Evidence (Short Story)

Rennison, Louise Georgia Nicolson *(1) Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging
*(2) On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God (aka It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers)
*(3) Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas
*(4) Dancing In My Nuddypants
*(5) Away Laughing on a Fast Camel (aka ...and That's When It Fell Off in My Hand)
*(6) Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers
*(7) Startled by His Furry Shorts
*(8) Love Is a Many Trousered Thing
*(9) Stop in the Name of Pants
(10) Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?
Reynolds, Jason Track Series *1 Ghost *2 Patina *3 Sunny

*4 Lu

Riggs, Ransom Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children *1 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children *2. Hollow City *3 Library of Souls

*4 A Map of Days

5 The Conference of the Birds (Jan. 2020)

Riggs, Ransom Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Graphic Novel) *1 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children 2. Hollow City 3 Library of Souls
Rinaldi, Ann Great Episodes *1.A Ride Into Morning 2.A Break with Charity *3.The Fifth of March

*4.Finishing Becca

*5.The Secret of Sarah Revere

6.Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons

*7.An Acquaintance with Darkness

8.Cast Two Shadows

9.The Coffin Quilt

*10.The Staircase

11.Or Give Me Death

12.An Unlikely Friendship

*13.Come Juneteenth

14.The Ever-After Bird

15.Juliet’s Moon

16.The Letter Writer

Riordan, Rick Heroes of Olympus, The *1.The Lost Hero *2.The Son of Neptune *3.The Mark of Athena

*4 The House of Hades

*5 Blood of Olympus

Riordan, Rick Kane Chronicles, The *1.The Red Pyramid *2.Throne of Fire *3.The Serpent’s Shadow
Riordan, Rick Magnus Chase & Gods of Asgard *1 Sword of Summer *2 Hammer of Thor *3 The Ship of the Dead
Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson & the Olympians *1.The Lightening Thief *2.The Sea of Monsters *3.The Titan’s Curse

*4.The Battle of the Labyrinth

*5.The Last Olympian

Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Graphic Novel) *1.The Lightening Thief *2.The Sea of Monsters *3.The Titan’s Curse

*4.The Battle of the Labyrinth

*5.The Last Olympian

Riordan, Rick Trials of Apollo *1 Hidden Oracle *2 Dark Prophecy *3 Burning Maze

*4 The Tyrant’s Tomb

5 The Tower of Nero (Oct. 2020)

Ritter, Williams A Jackaby *1 Jackaby *2 Beastly Bones *3 Ghostly Echoes

*4 Dire King

Roberts, Judson
Strongbow Saga (1) Viking Warrior
*(2) Dragons from the Sea
(3) The Road to Vengeance
Roth, Veronica Divergent *1 Divergent *2 Insurgent *3 Allegiant

* Four

Rothfuss, Patrick Kingkiller Chronicles *1.The Name of the Wind *2.The Wise Man’s Fear 3. The Doors of Stone
Roux, Madeleine Asylum *1 Asylum *2 Sanctum *3 Catabomb

4 Scarlets

5 Escape from Asylum

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter *1 Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
*2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
*3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
*4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
*5 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
*6 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
*7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Ruby, Laura York *1) The Shadow Cipher *2) The Clockwork Ghost 3 The Map of Stars
Russell, Rachel Renae. Dork Diaries *1.Tales from a not so fabulous life *2.Tales from a not so popular party girl *3. Tales from a not so talented pop star (KMS)

3 ½.How to dork your diary

*4.Tales from a not so graceful ice princess (KMS)

*5 Tales from a not-so-smart Miss Know-It-All (KMS)

*6 Tales from a not so happy heartbreaker(KMS)

*7…Not so Glam TV Star(KMS)

*8 …Not so Happy Everafter (KMS)

*9 …Not so Dory Drama Queen (KMS)

*10 … Not so Perfect Pet Sitter (KMS)

*11 …Not so Friendly Frenemy (KMS)

12… Not so Secret Crush Catastrohpe

13 ...Not so Happy Birthday

14 …Not so Best Friend Forever

Rutkoski, Marie The Kronos Chronicles *1.The Cabinet of Wonders 2.The Celestial Globe 3. The Jewel of Kalderash
Rutkoski, Marie The Winners *1 Winner’s Curse *2 Winners Crime *3 Winner’s Kiss
Ryan, Carrie Forest of Hands & Teeth *1 Forest of Hands & Teeth 2 Dead Toss Waves 3 Dark & Hollow Places
Ryan, Sara Empress of the World *(1) Empress of the World
(2) The Rules for Hearts
Sachar, Louis Holes *(1) Holes *(2) Small Steps
Salisbury, Graham Prisoners of the Empire *(1) Under the Blood-Red Sun
(2) House of the Red Fish (3) Eyes of the Emperor (4) Hunt for the Bamboo Rat
Sanderson, Brandon Reckoners *1 Steelheart *2 Firefight *3 Calamity
Sands, Kevin The Blackthorn Key *1 The Blackthorn Key *2 Mark of the Plague *3 The Assassin’s Curse

*4 Call of the Wraith

Schraff, Ann Bluford High *1.Lost and Found *2.A Matter of Trust *3.Secrets in the Shadows

*4.Someone to Love Me

5.The Bully

6.The Gun

7.Until We Meet Again

8.Blood is Thicker

9.Brother in Arms

10.Summer of Secrets

11.The Fallen


13.Search for Safety

Schrefer, Eliot Ape Quartet *1 Endangered *2 Threatened *3 Rescued

*4 Orphaned

Schwab, Victoria Archived *1 The Archived *2 The Unbound 3 The Dark Vault
Scott Michael Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The *1 The Alchemist (KMS) *2. The Magician (KMS) *3 The Sorceress (KMS)

*4 The Necromancer (KMS)

*5 The Warlock (KMS)

*6 The Enchantress (KMS)

Sedgwick, Julian Mysterium 1)Black Dragon *2) Palace of Memory *3) Wheel of Life and Death
Seely, Debra Grasslands *(1) Grasslands
*(2) The Last of the Roundup Boys
Seven Series Seven Series *1 Between Heaven & Earth *2 Close to the Heel *3 Devil’s Pass

*4 Ink Me

*5 Jump Cut

*6 Last Message

*7 Lost Cause

Shanower, Eric Age of Bronze (Graphic Novel) *1. A Thousand Ships *2. Sacrifice 3. Betrayal
Shepard, Sara Pretty Little Liars *1.Pretty Little Liars *2.Flawless *3.Perfect






9 Twisted

10 Ruthless

11 Stunning

12 Burned

13 Crushed

14 Deadly

15 Toxic

16 Vicious

Shinn, Sharon Safe-Keeper’s Secret *(1) The Safe-Keeper's Secret
*(2) The Truth-Teller's Tale
(3) The Dream-Maker's Magic
Shotz, Jennifer Hero *1 Hero (KMS) *2 Hero: Hurricane Rescue (KMS) *3 Hero: Rescue Mission (KMS)
Shotz, Jennifer Scout 1 Scout: National Hero 2 Scout: Firefighter 3 Scout: Storm Dog
Shusterman, Neal Accelerati Trilogy *1 Tesla’s Attic *2 Edison’s Alley *3 Hawking’s Hallway
Shusterman, Neal Arc of Scythe *1 Scythe *2 Thunderhead * 3 Toll
Shusterman, Neal Dark Fusion *(1) Dread Locks
(2) Red Rider's Hood
3) Duckling Ugly
Shusterman, Neal Schwa Was Here *(1) The Schwa Was Here
*(2) Antsy Does Time
Shusterman, Neal Shadow Club *(1) The Shadow Club
*(2) The Shadow Club Rising
Shusterman, Neal Skinjacker *(1) Everlost (LOST)
*(2) Everwild *(3) Everfound
Shusterman, Neal Star Shards Trilogy *(1) Scorpion Shards
*(2) Thief of Souls
*(3) Shattered Sky
Simmons, Michael Lubchenko *(1) Finding Lubchenko
*(2) The Rise of Lubchenko
Skurzynski, Gloria Virtual War Chronologs *(1) The Virtual War
(2) The Clones
(3) The Revolt (4) The Choice
Skye, Evelyn The Crown’s Game *1) The Crown’s Game *2) The Crown’s Fate
Slade, Arthur Hunchback Assignment Series *1.The Hunchback Assignments (LOST) *2.The Dark Deeps 3.Empire of Ruins

4. Island of Doom

Sleator, William Boxes *(1) The Boxes (KMS)
*(2) Marco's Millions
Sleator, William Interstellar Pig *(1) Interstellar Pig (2) Parasite Pig
Smith, Alexander Gordon Devil’s Engine *1 Hellraisers *2 Hellfighters *3 Hellwalkers (Not AR)
Smith, Alexander Gordon Escape from Furnace *1. Lockdown *2. Solitary *3. Death Sentence



Smith, Alexander Gordon Winger *1 Winger *2 Standoff
Smith, Cynthia L Tantalize 1 Tantalize 2 Eternal *3 Blessed

4 Diabolical

Smith, L.J. The Vampire Diaries *1 The Awakening *2 The Struggle *3 The Fury

*4 Dark Reunion

5 The Return: Nightfall

6 The Return: Shadow Souls

7 The Return: Midnight

Smith, Lindsay Sekret *1 Sekret *2 Skandal 3 Kursed
Smith, Roland Peak Marcello Adventures *1 Peak *2 The Edge *3 Ascent
Snelling, Lauraine Return to Red River *1.A Dream to Follow *2.Believing the Dream 3.More Than A Dream
Snow, Maya Sisters of the Sword *(1) Sisters of the Sword (2) Chasing the Secret (3) Journey through Fire
Snyder, Midori Oran Trilogy *1.New Moon 2.Sadar’s Keep 3.Beldan’s Fire
Sones, Sonya What My Mother Doesn't Know *(1) What My Mother Doesn't Know
(2) What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know
Sorrells, Walter Hunted *(1) Fake ID
(2) Club Dread
*(3) Whiteout
Spinelli, Jerry Stargirl *(1) Stargirl
*(2) Love, Stargirl
Starmer, Aaron Riverman Trilogy *1 The Riverman *2 The Whisper *3 The Storyteller
Stephens, John The Books of Beginning *1 The Emerald Atlas *2 The Fire Chronicle 3 The Black Reckoning
Stevens, Robin A Wells & Wong Mystery *1 Murder is Bad Manners *2 Poison is Not Polite *3 First Class Murder

*4 Jolly Foul Play

Stevermer, Caroline Cecelia and Kate *(1) Sorcery And Cecelia Or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot
(2) The Grand Tour (3) The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After
Stiefvater, Maggie The Raven Cycle *1 The Raven Boys *2 The Dream Thieves *3 Blue, Lily, Lily Blue

4 The Raven King

Stiefvater, Maggie The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy *1. Shiver *2. Linger *3. Forever

*4 Sinner

Stone, Jeff Five Ancestors *(1) Tiger
(2) Monkey
(3) Snake
(4) Crane (5) Eagle
Stratton, Allan Chanda *(1) Chanda's Secrets
(2) Chanda's Wars
Stroud, Jonathan Bartimaeus Trilogy * (1) The Amulet of Samarkand (KMS)
*(2) The Golem's Eye *(3) Ptolemy's Gate
Stroud, Jonathan Lockwood & Co. *1 The Screaming Staircase *2 The Whispering Skull *3 The Hollow Boy

*4 The Creeping Shadow

*5 The Empty Grave

Sturtevant, Katherine At the Sign of the Star *(1) At the Sign of the Star
*(2) A True and Faithful Narrative
Sutherland, Tui Wings of Fire *1 The Dragon Prophecy (KMS) *2 The Lost Heir (KMS) *3 The Hidden Kingdom (KMS)

*4 The Dark Secret (KMS)

*5 The Brightest Night (KMS)

*6 Moon Rising (KMS)

*7 Winter Turning (KMS)

*8 Escaping Peril (KMS)

*9 Talons of Power (KMS)

*10 Darkness of Dragons (KMS)

*11 The Lost Continent (KMS)

12 The Hive Queen

13 The Poison Jungle

Tahir, Sabaa An Ember in the Ashes *1 An Ember in the Ashes *2 Torch Against the Night *3 Reaper at the Gates

Sky Beyond the Storm (Dec 2020)

Tanner, Lian Icebreaker *1 Icebreaker *2 Sunker’s Deep *3 Battlesong
Tashjian, Janet Gospel According to Larry *(1) The Gospel According to Larry
*(2) Vote for Larry
*(3) Larry and the Meaning of Life
Tashijan, Janet My Life series *1 My life as a Book *2 My life as a Stuntboy *3 My life as a Cartoonist

4 My life as a Joke

5 My life as a Gamer

6 My life as a Ninja

7 My life as a Youtuber

8 My life as a Meme

9 My life as a Coder

Taylor, G.P. Shadowmancer *(1) Shadowmancer
(2) Shadowmancer Returns
Taylor, Janet Into the Dim *1 Into the Dim * 2 Sparks & Light
Taylor, Laini Daughter of Smoke & Bone *1 Daughter of Smoke & Bone *2 Days of Blood & Starlight *3 Dreams of Gods & Monsters
Taylor, Laini Strange the Dreamer *1 Strange the Dreamer *2 Muse of Nightmare
Taylor, Mildred Logan Family (in order of publication) *(1) Song of the Trees (KMS)
*(2) Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
*(3) Let the Circle Be Unbroken (KMS)
*(4) The Friendship (KMS)
*(5) The Road to Memphis
*(6) Mississippi Bridge (KMS)
(7) The Well (KMS)
*(8) The Land
Taylor, Theodore Sniper *(1) Sniper
(2) Lord of the Kill
Thomas, Lex Quarantine *1 The Loners *2 The Saints *3 The Burnouts

*4 The Giant

Thompson, Kate New Policeman *(1) The New Policeman
*(2) The Last of the High Kings *(3) The White Horse Trick
Tingle, Rebecca Edge on the Sword *(1) Edge on the Sword
*(2) Far Traveler
Tolkien, J.R.R. Lord of the Rings (in order of events) (1) Silmarillion
*(2) The Hobbit
*(3) Fellowship of the Ring
*(4) Two Towers
*(5) Return of the King
Trembath, Don Harper Winslow (1) The Tuesday Cafe
(2) A Fly Named Alfred
(3) A Beautiful Place On Yonge Street
*(4) The Popsicle Journal
Turnage, Sheila Mole and Dale *1) 3 times Lucky (KMS) *2) Ghost of Tupelo Landing (KMS) *3) Odds of Getting Even (KMS)

*4) The Laws of Finders Keepers

Turnbull, Ann No Shame, No Fear *(1) No Shame, No Fear
(2) Forged in the Fire
Turner, Megan Whalen Queen's Thief also Thief of Eddis *(1) The Thief
*(2) The Queen of Attolia *(3) The King of Attolia *(4) A Conspiracy of Kings

(5) Thick as Thieves

(6) Return of the Thief

Updale, Eleanor Montmorency *(1) Montmorency: thief, liar, and gentleman?
*(2) Montmorency on the Rocks
(3) Montmorency and the Assassins
(4) Montmorency's Revenge (5) Montmorency’s Return’s
Various Girls of Many Lands Isabel, Taking Wing Cecile, City of Gold Spring Pearl, The Last Flower

Neela, Victory Song

Minuk, Ashes in the Pathway

*Saba, Under the Hyena’s Foot

Leyla, The Black Tulip

Kathleen, The Celtic Knot

Various HALO Series *1.The Fall of Reach *2.The Flood-Dietz *3.First Strike-Nylund

*4.Ghosts of Onyx

*5.Contact Harvest-Staten

*6.The Cole Protocol-Buckell

Various Orca Soundings series *Blue Moon by Halvorson, Marilyn *Breathless by Withers, Pam *Bull Rider by Halvorson, Marilyn

*Dead-end Job by Grant, Vicki

*Death wind by Bell, William

*Exit point by Langston, Laura

*Fastback Beach by Matheson,Shirlee

*Grind by Walters, Eric

*Home Invasion by Polak, Monique

*In the Woods by Stevenson, Robin

*Juice by Walters, Eric

*Kicked Out by Goobie, Beth

*No More Pranks by Polak, Monique

*One More Step by Fitch, Sheree

*Overdrive by Walters, Eric

*Riley Park by Tullson, Dianne

*Snitch by McClintock, Norah

*Sticks and Stones by Goobie, Beth

*Stuffed by Walters, Eric

Thunderbowl – LOST

*Tough Trails by Morck, Irene

*Truth by Kyi, Tanya

*Yellow Line by Olsen, Sylvia

*Zee’s Way by Butcher, Kristin

Various, Bluford High *(1) Lost and Found
*(2) A Matter of Trust
*(3) Secrets in the Shadows
*(4) Someone to Love Me
(5) The Bully
(6) Payback
(7) Until We Meet Again
(8) Blood is Thicker
(9) Brothers in Arms
(10) Summer of Secrets
(11) The Fallen
(12) Shattered
(13) Search for Safety
Vivat, Booki Frazzled *1) Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom 2) Ordinary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophics *3) Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties
Voigt, Cynthia Tillerman Family Cycle (in order of publication) *(1) Homecoming (KMS)
*(2) Dicey's Song
*(3) Solitary Blue (KMS)
(4) Runner (5) Come A Stranger
(6) Sons from Afar
(7) Seventeen Against the Dealer
Von Ziegesar, Cecily Gossip Girls (in order of publication) (1) Gossip Girl
*(2) You Know You Love Me
*(3) All I Want Is Everything
*(4) Because I'm Worth It
(5) I Like It Like That
(6) You're the One I Want
(7) Nobody Does It Better
(8) Nothing Can Keep Us Together
(9) Only In Your Dreams
(10) Would I Lie To You
(11) Don't You Forget About Me
(12) It Had To Be You: the Gossip Girl Prequel
(13) I Will Always Love You
Walsh, Pat Crowfield *1.Crowfield Curse *2.The Crowfield Demon 3 Crowflied Rising (Unknown release date)
Waltman, Kevin D-Bow H.S. Hoops *1 Next *2 Slump *3 Pull

*4 Quicks

Ward, Rachel Numbers *1 Numbers *2 The Chaos *3 Infinity
Weatherly, L.A. Angel *1 Angel Burn 2 Angel Fire 3 Angel Fever
Weaver, Will Motor Novels *(1) Saturday Night Dirt
*(2) Super Stock Rookie *(3)Checkered Flag Cheater
Weeks, Sarah So B. It 1)So B. It *2) Soof
Wein, Elizabeth Mark of Solomon (1) Winter Prince (2) Coalition of Lion (3) The Sunbird

*(4) The Lion Hunter
*(5) The Empty Kingdom

Wells, Dan Partials *1 Partials 2 Fragments 3 Ruins
Wells, Robinson Variant *1 Variant 2 Feedback
Westerfeld, Scott Leviathan Trilogy *1 Leviathon *2 Behemoth * 3 Goliath
Westerfeld, Scott Midnighters 1.The Secret Hour *2.Touching Darkness (KMS) *3.Blue Noon (LOST)
Westerfeld, Scott Spill Zone (Graphic Novel) *1 Spill Zone 2 Broken Vow (July 2018)
Westerfeld, Scott Uglies *(1) Uglies
*(2) Pretties
*(3) Specials
*(4) Extras
Weyn, Suzanne The Barcode Tattoo *1 The Barcode Tattoo *2 The Barcode Rebellion *3 The Barcode Prophecy
White, J.A. Thickety *1 A Path Begins *2 Whispering Trees *3 Well of Witches

*4 Last Spell

White, Kiersten Paranomalcy *1 Paranormalcy *2 Supernaturally *3 Endlessly
White, T. H. Merlyn *1.Once and Future King 2.The Book of Merlyn NOT AR
Wiggins, Bethany Stung *1 Stung *2 Cured
Wilson, N.D. Ashtown Burials *1 Dragon’s Tooth 2 Drowned Vault 3 Empire of Bones
Wittlinger, Ellen Hard Love *(1) Hard Love
(2) Love & Lies
Woodson, Jacqueline If You Come Softly *(1) If You Come Softly
*(2) Behind You
Woodson, Jacqueline Locomotion *(1) Locomotion
*(2) Peace, Locomotion
Wrede, Patricia Frontier Magic *(1) Thirteenth Child (2) Across the Great Barrier (3) The Far West
Wright, Kent Rolling Thunder Stock Car Racing *1.White Lightning 2.Road to Daytona 3.Race to Glory

4.On the Talladega

*5.Young Guns

*6.First to the Flag

7.Inside Pass

8.On the Throttle

Yancey, Richard Alfred Kropp *(1) The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
*(2) Seal of Solomon *(3) The Thirteenth Skull
Yancey, Richard Monstrumologist *1 Monstrumologist *2 Curse of The Wendigo *3 The Isle of Blood

4 The Final Descent

Yancey, Rick 5th Wave *1 5th Wave *2 Infinite Sea *3 Last Star
Yang, Gene Luen Boxers & Saints (Graphic Novel) *1 Boxers *2 Saints
Yolen, Jane Foiled (Graphic Novel) 1 Foiled *2 Curses! Foiled Again!
Young, E.L. Storm *(1) The Infinity Code
(2) The Ghost Machine (3) The Black Sphere
Zahn, Timothy Dragonback Adventures *(1) Dragon and Thief
*(2) Dragon and Soldier
*(3) Dragon And Slave
*(4) Dragon and Herdsman
*(5) Dragon and Judge
*(6) Dragon and Liberator
Zevin, Gabreilla Birthright *1 All the Things I Have Done *2 Because It Is My Blood *3 In the Age of the Love & Chocolate
Zusak, Markus Fighting Ruben Wolfe *1.Fighting Ruben Wolfe 2. Getting the Girl