Principal’s Passage

October Principal’s Passage

                This year we are continuing to practice various crisis situations that could happen at school.  All of these drills are done to help keep your children safe while at school.  An evacuation and re-unification drill is tentatively scheduled for October 30 at 2:15pm.  More information will be sent home later.  Please talk with your student about the need for these drills and how they ensure their safety. 

 Please join us for the second Coffee with Moms and Dads is on October 6 from 7:20-7:50am at EES.  This is an informal come and go opportunity to have cinnamon rolls and coffee, and have educational fellowship.  

                Get the latest news at KMS and reminders by following me @EESKMSPrincipal on Twitter!

                October 20 and 21 from 4:00-8:00pm are Parent Teacher Conferences.  A schedule will be sent home soon.  Please confirm the time and let the teacher or office know if that particular time does not work.  This is a great time to discuss your child’s progress in school.  100% attendance at conferences is our goal and with your help we will be able to achieve it!

Good questions for parents to ask teachers during conferences:

1. What are my child's strengths?

2. If you could choose one area for my child to improve on, which would it be?

3. What kind of progress has my child made since the beginning of school?

4. How does my child relate to his/her peers?

5. How are my child's organizational skills?

6. How can I support my child best?

Parents know their children best! Asking for specific ideas from the teacher is appreciated and encouraged by our staff as it helps us meet the needs of your child!












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