Kanopolis Middle School




Contact Info:
  Principal: Patrick Schroeder
  Counselor: Susan Manes
  Nurse: Debby Garrett
  Phone: (785) 472-4477
  210 S Iowa Street
  Kanopolis, KS 67454


"With Great Power Comes
 Great Responsibility"

No School

Friday, October 28th

Friday, November 4th
6:30 - 9:00 pm

Students can dress in Halloween costumes
They will NOT change into other clothes
No masks, but face painting allowed
No gruesome or unpleasant props
No props that resemble weapons
Halloween parties in homerooms


KMS students will have the opportunity to watch the Ellsworth High School rehearsal of "Once Upon a Mattress."
Students will leave KMS at 1:15 and be bused to the Performing Arts Center. At the conclusion of rehearsal - approximately 3:05 - students will be dismissed from the PAC to walk home, meet parents, ride the bus back to Kanopolis. or ride the bus to Geneseo.
The Geneseo bus will arrive in Geneseo approximately 20 minutes early.
Musical rehearsal for students only!

It is extremely important to keep the office up to date with contact information.  If you have recently changed your phone number, please remember to update it on Infinite Campus or call the office for us to do so.  It is important for us to be able to reach a parent or guardian if you child is ill or an emergency arises. Also, you will need to sign up the new phone number with our emergency text alert system. Instructions can be found on our web page at www.usd327.org under the "USD 327" tab.

Please notify the office if:
You are going to be out of town for an extended period of time. Remember to let us know who will be responsible for your children. We will need contact names and numbers.

Please verify who you have listed as emergency contacts. In a real life emergency, we will need to verify who is able to pick up your child/children!

After School Plans
Please make sure your students know what their plans are for the day before they come to school. We know plans do change occasionally; if so, please call KMS prior to 2:30 to help us get your message to your student.

At KMS we will not let students to use the phone to make new plans with friends after school. We will instruct them to "do what your normally do after school."  

If students need to use the phone to call parents for other reasons, we encourage them to call at morning recess, lunch recess, or during homeroom!!!  Phone calls at this time help us keep our buses on schedule by not using the phone after school.




District Calendar

Kanopolis Middle School believes all students will learn teamwork, cooperation, character development, individual responsibility, individual differences and respect for themselves and others.  Students, parents, teachers, counselor and administrators share in the responsibility of making sure the students receive the best possible learning experiences and education.  Programs offered at KMS provide a strong, basic foundation in academics, plus opportunities to discover areas of interest through unique educational and social experiences. This shared responsibility enables every student to develop and grow to individual maximum potential during the middle level education years.