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USD327 Bond Election

USD #327 Ellsworth/Kanopolis/Geneseo
Bond Election Information
April 2, 2013
What is on the project?
1) Safety Features: Door lock/Entry Systems at all three buildings, enclosed front entrance at EJSHS, improved fire alarm system and
    emergency communication at EJSHS.
2) HVAC/Window improvements: KMS would receive new HVAC/Windows system.  HVAC systems would be replaced in the
    Commons/Office areas and kitchen at EJSHS.
3) 7-8 Classrooms remodeled from the current Vo-Ag building.
4) New woodshop and classroom space for Agriculture and Technical Education courses.
5) Remodeled Science classrooms and Special Education classrooms on the Martin Wing of EJSHS.
6) Remodeled Locker rooms at EJSHS.
7) Remodeled Kitchen at EJSHS.
Survey Results: The formulation of this project was supported by a survey of registered voters in the USD #327 district.  Below are the results concerning the proposals in the bond.  Each project with the exception of the EJSHS front entrance received more support than opposition.  The EJSHS front entrance was included to address security concerns.  The chart indicates the percentage breakdown per project.
Cost of the Project:  $4.8 Million
Tax Impact:  Using conservative estimates on prices, valuation, and interest rates, it is estimated that this proposed project will raise the district mill levy 6.5 mills.  The monthly impact on residence, business, and agricultural property are estimated below.  The amount is figured based on a 20 year bond, 3.5% interest rate, 26% state aid, and a frozen valuation for 5 years with estimated 1% growth after (we have averaged about 3% growth in valuation over the last ten years). Click here for additional information on the tax impact of the bond. 

Monthly Property Tax Residential Property


$50,000 Home                 3.11

$75,000 Home 75000      4.67

$100,000 Home 1000      6.23

$150,000 Home 1500      9.34

$200,000 Home 200      12.46


Monthly Property Tax Commercial Property

$50,000 Property 50000       6.77

$75,000 Property 75000     10.16

$100,000 Property 100000 13.54

$150,000 Property 150000 20.31

$200,000 Property 200000 27.08


Monthly Property Tax Agricultural Property

Dry Crop Land (Median Use Value = $147/acre)

160 Acres 23520             3.82 (.023 per acre)

Irrigated Land (Median Use Value = $191/acre)

160 Acres 30560             4.97 (.031 per acre)

Grass Land (Median Use Value = $38/acre)

160 Acres 6080                .99 (.006 per acre)



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